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Joanna Lumley and Gethin Jones are back this summer to urge Brits to ditch single-use plastic bottles...

...and opt for fabulous filtered tap water! Find out how a shift in British attitudes towards the environment have made their job a whole lot easier!

Blend It Like Britain tea by BRITA and Tregothnan

Which type of tea makes the best cuppa?

We asked the nation what makes the ideal cup of tea.

Joanna Lumley and Gethin Jones

No need for plastic bottles when tap water tastes so fabulous - filtered of course!

Joanna Lumley and Gethin Jones encourage the British public to ditch sing use plastic bottles and choose tap water instead. 

Plastic filter cases sorted for recycling

Recycling your filters

Did you know BRITA water filters can be recycled? Find out how each part of the filter is broken down and reused.