Plastic filter cases sorted for recycling

Recycling BRITA filters

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How are BRITA filters recycled?

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Sustainability has been important to BRITA for a long time, with the first cartridge recycling programme launched in 1992. Since then the programme has grown and BRITA now recycles around 4 million cartridges each year.

Once each MAXTRA cartridge is exhausted, it can be returned to one of over 1900 recycling points across the UK. 

Find out where your nearest in-store collection point is using our stockist locator tool.

Cartridges dropped into the recycling points are brought back the BRITA's UK plant at Bicester to be sorted, then hitch a ride to BRITA's regeneration plant in Germany on the same trucks that deliver new products to the UK. 

At the regeneration plant, the exhausted cartridges are opened and the filter materials are separated so they can each be processed and recycled. 

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Plastic filter cases sorted for recycling

Find your nearest filter recycling point

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