Refill today, for a better tomorrow

We all know the devastating impact that single-use plastic has on our environment. Every day, consumers are bombarded with more shocking statistics that the plastic in our oceans has reached unprecedented levels.

It’s no wonder consumers are taking a stand.

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Time’s up for single use plastic

BRITA's latest Bubbling Under Campaign researched consumers' opinions on single-use plastics in three industries – hospitality, hotels and corporate.

Consumer Opinion on Single-Use Plastics

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In their homes, workplaces and when travelling – our new research confirms that people want to see less single-use plastic. And it’s not a minority of people:

  • 80% of office workers said it’s important to them personally that their workplace has targets in place to reduce single use plastic.

  • 82% of hospitality customers said it was important to them that hotels and restaurants reduce their single use plastic.

Almost all (92%) consumers, take measures both outside of work and in the workplace to reduce single use plastic, with the most common measure being reusable water bottles (58%). 

But, over a quarter of office workers (27%) do not feel encouraged to reduce plastic in their workplace – and shockingly, almost a third (32%) would feel uncomfortable asking to refill their bottle in a fine dining restaurant.

It’s time for us to work together to ensure people feel empowered to make sustainable choices.

In fact, our previous research showed that 69% of Britons are willing to change their behaviour to help the planet, so it's time for businesses to catch up with what their customers want, and that is reducing plastic pollution.

Change is coming to single-use plastics – are you ready?

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This October, the Government is bringing in a ban on single-use plastic items in hospitality – everything from plastic plates to cutlery, trays, and food containers. 77% of hospitality customers said they were in favour of this move – and 57% said it should be expanded to include single-use plastic water bottles.

Businesses can get ahead of this movement, and start working towards their plastic-free future today – with support from BRITA VIVREAU.

Last year BRITA was able to prevent close to 5 billion plastic water bottles from entering the environment and avoid over 650,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions being released into the environment.

To put it into perspective, it is equivalent to the amount of carbon emissions from the energy used to power 82,000 homes for a year!

Get tailored advice for your business to reduce single-use plastic

We created three toolkits tailored to hotels, hospitality businesses, and corporate workspaces. Informed by our research, the toolkits are designed to help your business combat hidden single-use plastic waste and make sustainable changes your customers and workforce can really get behind.

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