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Popular Uses for Sparkling Water

This blog looks at many of the reasons sparkling water is so popular and how it can be utilised.

Why is sparkling water so popular?

Sparkling water (carbonated drinking water), or as some call it, soda water, was first recorded for drinking use in 1767. This was when it was simply thought of as mineral water. Sparkling water has drastically risen in popularity since then, as we now drink it as part of our daily diets. Many opt for sparkling water because it has no calories or sugars, but it still feels like a fizzy drink. Of course, people add syrups, or maybe fruit flavouring to it now, which does sometimes add sugars and calories. However, these will rarely be anywhere near the level of actual fizzy sodas.

Here, we explore sparkling water's popularity, how it can be used to enhance other drinks like cocktails, how it can improve performance in work, an office environment, and more.


Sparkling water promotes productivity in offices

We all know hydration is key when it comes to concentration and productivity, but what about sparkling water? It is just as hydrating as still water, but it has bubbles, and you can add your own twist on the sparkling beverage if you or your employees get bored of still water. Our water dispensers for offices are available with the option of sparkling water as well as hot and cold still water. Opting for a mains-fed water dispenser will increase productivity, hydration, and give employees and clients their choice of water type.

Can help with digestion

Another reason for sparkling water's popularity is its potential to help with digestion. Stomach problems sparkling water can help with include issues like constipation, dyspepsia, or gallbladder problems. This is according to a study by the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

Sparkling water dispensers reduce single-use plastic

Here are BRITA, we pride ourselves on our water dispensers' sustainability. By installing a mains-fed water dispenser in an office, education facility, healthcare service, or elsewhere, you are massively helping the environment by using less single-use plastic. 

Acts as a natural stain remover

Sparkling water can be used to remove stains, especially stubborn ones. It works with food and (red!) wine. Keep in mind that most restaurants have carbonated water available. If you spill something while you're eating, so be sure to ask for some. Try dapping the damaged area with carbonated water the next time something spills.

Can unclog pores

Sparkling water facials have been popular in the beauty industry for a while. Yes, some find it surprising, but efficient! While sparkling water has a pH of 5.5, which is also the pH of your skin, it won't irritate your face. Tap water normally has a pH of 7, which can cause dryness and irritation. Your skin will look healthier and will be thoroughly cleansed with sparkling water. It also provides a natural glow and relaxes your skin. Pores are cleaned out by the carbonation process, which also removes any other pollutants. This results in tighter skin and fewer skin breakouts.

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Can you use sparkling water in cocktails?

Yes! This is one of the many reasons sparkling water has risen in popularity. Let's explore a couple of the most popular cocktails you can add sparkling water to here. It's also worth noting that as London Cocktail Week is approaching, these may come in quite handy!

Classic Vodka Soda

This drink is a classic cocktail for sparkling water lovers. Simply add ice to a glass, add your vodka of choice (one or two ounces depending on how much you like the taste of vodka), top with plenty of sparkling water and squeeze some zest from your favourite fruit. The classic cocktail calls for a squeeze of lime. However, you could get creative here.

Aperol Spritz

Undoubtedly one of the most popular cocktails with sparkling water in. Add three ounces of prosecco, two ounces of Aperol and one ounce of sparkling water. Garnish with a nice wedge of orange and enjoy! Preferably in the sun.

In summary, sparkling water is a very popular choice for plenty of reasons. From adding it to cocktails to splashing it over your face or using it to clean up stubborn wine stains to adding it to your office must-haves. Be sure to check out our sparkling water dispenser solutions today.

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