Office Space Post Pandemic- Design

Redesigning the post-pandemic office

How will the workplace change after lockdown?

As lockdown measures ease and many businesses begin to reopen, it is now essential that the workplace is reimagined with safety and hygiene at its heart. Discover BRITA VIVREAU's top 5 tips for redesigning a modern, post-pandemic office that meets the needs of its workers.

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our normal way of life. This is especially significant for office workers, with the majority now doing their job from home.

Many have embraced the challenge, with technology enabling entire workforces to easily connect via video calls and virtual meetings.

However, with this new routine turning into a semi-permanent fixture, the reality is that juggling family life and work has not been easy. For many workers, this experience has brought home the considerable benefits office life can offer when it comes to supporting mental wellbeing and productivity.

Face mask - Coronavirus

Designing the post-pandemic office

As lockdown measures are eased and offices start to reopen, these spaces will take a new form. Workplaces will need to allow employees to maintain social distancing wherever possible – whether that’s reconfiguring seating and tables, installing partition screens to reduce face-to-face interactions, or staggering break times to avoid gatherings.

Those responsible for the construction and design of workplaces will have a lot to consider. Office spaces will have to strike a careful balance between meeting social distancing regulations, whilst also creating a positive environment that doesn’t hinder the mental health or productivity of workers.

Mugs - Office Kitchen - Design

Focusing on facilities

One of the key areas under the spotlight is the communal break-out space or kitchen. Due to the nature of these areas, which have multiple surface touch points and are often used by many employees at once, they run the risk of becoming a hotspot for virus transmission without the appropriate measures in place.

While it’s crucial that these zones adhere to the necessary social distancing and hygiene requirements, they also serve a significant role in providing a functional space where employees can relax and refresh. We know that having an effective break is a vital part of the working day – almost two thirds believe taking time to have a cup of tea has a positive effect on their mental health and 41% agree they are able to concentrate more on their work after a cup of tea*.

Considering this, it’s clear that workplaces will look and feel a lot different to what we’re used to.

*3GEM and BRITA Professional, research conducted with 1,000 tea drinkers (January 2020)

So, for those redesigning office spaces to meet the needs of a post-lockdown world, here are BRITA VIVREAU's top 5 considerations for communal areas:
Office Design - Couch Break-out area

1. Keep break-out zones sacred:

Make sure designated break-out spaces are easily accessible and frequently located in the building to ensure employees can take some time away from their desk.

Plants on office deck - Sustainable design

2. A breath of fresh air:

With good ventilation being key to preventing transmission of the virus, incorporate safe, outside space into break-out areas where possible.

What’s more, partition screens could be made ‘green’ with added foliage, to make the spaces feel more relaxed and inspired by nature.

Office Design - Green Accent Wall

3. Make safe spaces to interact:

Incorporate ‘zones’ into the communal space to ensure employees can interact at a safe distance from one another.

It’s clear that putting hygiene and safety at the heart of the workplace is now vital.

As we adapt to the ‘new normal’, office spaces need to encompass a range of factors to ensure social distancing measures are easy to maintain, but also provide long-term and sustainable environment with wellness-boosting benefits for employees.  

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