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Making tennis tournament history!

BRITA has joined forces with the LTA to make history, becoming their official water partner and the first non-single-use water brand to sponsor British tennis. 

Thanks to this partnership, we’ll be preventing the use of over 100,000 single-use plastic bottles across the four tournaments

That’s Game, Set, Match if you ask us!

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Customer Stories - Anchor

Discover how leading care home provider Anchor brought the highest level of hydration to its residents and staff with the BRITA water program.

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Keeping Hydrated During Exam Season

Whether you're a final-year student or supporting someone through their academic journey, this guide will assist you in prioritising well-being throughout this critical period.

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Do Employers Have To Supply Drinking Water?

In our helpful guide, we’ve looked at the legal requirements around providing drinking water to employees as well as best practices and how to educate your workplace.

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Say hello to the BRITA Product Assistant

We have officially launched the BRITA Product Assistant, powered by AI, for a seamless and efficient customer experience with just a few clicks.

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Customer Stories - Interaction

Discover how Interaction, a leading sustainable office design and fit-out company, partnered with BRITA VIVREAU to cater to the hydration needs and overall workplace wellbeing of their clients.


Customer Stories - Zurich Insurance

As one of the world’s leading and most sustainable insurers, Zurich Insurance Group has taken significant strides towards its purpose to ‘create a brighter future together’. To support this mission and nurture a culture of sustainability in their offices, Zurich chose BRITA as their water filtration supplier.

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Cultural Water Drinking Habits & Beliefs

Something so simple as water has various meanings and habits around the world, and it’s key to celebrate and encourage these differences, especially in education systems.

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How To Beat The Back To Work Blues

From planning your pre work evening routine to making sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, beat those back to work blues by following our tips.

Pressing refresh to unlock effective workplace communication!

Corporate jargon is all too common in the workplace but can be exclusionary and leave employees feeling left out – creating barriers between them and their colleagues.

So how can employers encourage authentic conversations at the workplace? 

BRITA speaks to a leading linguist and communications expert in our latest Refreshing Conversations campaign about how office amenities can facilitate geunine and effective communication.

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How do hot and cold water dispensers work?

Explore how our hot and cold water dispensers work from dispensing various water types to storage options.

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How to stay warm in the office

As winter draws in, keeping yourself warm during the day is vital for your health and well-being. But if you have to go to the office and can't control the temperature, how can you do this?

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Office Hacks to Improve Your Work Environment

We spend a lot of time at work, whether that is number crunching or developing the next big idea, so it's essential that you have a comfortable place to work in.

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How to Cool an Office Without Using an AC

This article will show you how to keep your office cool this summer and help your employees remain at the top of their game during the work day.

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What workplace wellness support do employees really want?

In the world of hybrid working – are office drinks on a Friday still relevant, or are employees looking for something more?


Feeling flat at work?

BRITA partners with award-winning Gethin Nadin for his insights into facilitating friendships within the workplace.


Can your office space boost employee wellbeing?

BRITA partners with workplace wellbeing expert, Gethin Nadin, who offers his tips and insights on supporting employees to feel their best at work.

Unlock the power of workplace wellbeing!

New research has revealed employers can improve staff wellbeing, productivity and retention by facilitating positive relationships in the office. 

BRITA's latest Refill Your Cup campaign aims to uncover what makes office workers tick; what helps their mental wellbeing, their motivation, and the importance that workplace culture has on their working lives.

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What is the Best Temperature for Drinking Water?

From room temperature to warm water, drinking different water types throughout the day have can many benefits for your body.

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Easy Stretches for Office Workers to Stay Healthy

Below, we have brought together many exercises you can perform whilst sitting at your desk to help you stay active during a workday.

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Where to Place Water Dispensers in an Office

 Placing water coolers in a way that encourages your team to drink is easier than you might think.

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Healthy Snacks for Work

Here are ten mouth-watering healthy work snack ideas that are not only healthy but also packed with essential nutrients to keep you energised throughout the day.

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Benefits of Having Water Dispensers in an Office

Providing freshly chilled water to your employees is a major health and social benefit within the workplace.

Refill today, for a better tomorrow

We all know the devastating impact that single-use plastic has on our environment.

BRITA's latest Bubbling Under Campaign researched consumers' opinions on single-use plastics across industries and what companies can do to combat this in their workplaces.

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How To Keep Cool At Work

We’ve put together a helpful list of advice on how to cool yourself down in the heat. Even if you’re not working, these tips can also help to keep cool on your day off.

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How to Stop Wasting Time at Work

Removing distractions and having strategies in place can help you stop wasting time and start being more productive at work. To help, we’ve put together some great tips for reducing time wasting in the office.

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Why is it Important to Drink Water Before and After A Massage?

We discuss the ways in which keeping hydrated before and after a massage is important for your health and body.

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How to Stay Hydrated at Work

Staying hydrated at work is important for you and your employees. So how can you stay hydrated and encourage hydration in the office?

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Benefits of Sparkling Water

Drinking sparkling water has a number of benefits, and not just helping you stay hydrated. This refreshing water is versatile, hydrating and helps you feel full.

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Is Sparkling Water Hydrating?

Hydration is vital for staying healthy, it's a well-known fact that staying hydrated is important. And the way to ensure you stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water.

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How to Carry Water Whilst Running

When running you want to be as light as possible, so how can you stay hydrated when running? Read our post for ideas on how you can carry water on your run.

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Is Hot Water as Hydrating as Cold Water

Have you ever wondered if your comforting hot beverage has all the same hydrating benefits as a glass of cold water? Discover the facts here.

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How to Improve Well-being at Work

From staying hydrating to making time for mindfulness, see our tips for improving well-being at work.

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Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Ever wondered if there is any difference in drinking hot water compared to cold? Discover the benefits of drinking hot water here.

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Tips for Staying Hydrated While Running

Whether you are a regular gym-goer or a marathon runner, keeping hydrated before, during, and after exercise can have an impact on your health and performance.

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Why is it Important to Drink Water During Exercise?

This blog provides a list of reasons why drinking water is important before, during and after exercising and is an internal link point to the gym and spa water dispensers.

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Boiling Water Tap vs The Kettle

Whether you are opting to use a kettle, or a boiling wat tap in your home, we discuss the energy, accessibility, and environmental benefits.

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Choosing the Ideal Water Dispenser for your Gym

With over 56 years of experience supplying fresh, clean water within the healthcare industry, you can trust us when choosing to install a BRITA water dispenser within your gym.

INVISIBLE WASTE: Almost half of businesses leave equipment on overnight

Did you know that 65% of business decision makers do not know how much energy their equipment uses overnight? For many businesses, the waste that can’t be seen may be having a direct impact on both finances and sustainability efforts.

BRITA's new campaign uncovers how much energy and money businesses potentially waste by leaving their equipment on overnight and provides essential insights to help businesses cut energy usage across three key sectors – Corporate, Hospitality and Healthcare.

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Popular Uses for Sparkling Water

This blog looks at many of the reasons sparkling water is so popular and how it can be utilised.

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Recycling Bottled Water

We explore what happens when we don't recycle single-use plastic bottles and what happens when we do to highlight the importance of recycling.

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How To Make A Sustainable Gym

In this post, we break down some of the areas where gyms and fitness centres have a considerable environmental impact and highlight some key initiatives that can be taken to improve sustainability.

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How is Water Treated?

This guide breaks down the water treatment process and answers some common questions.

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Tap Systems vs Freestanding Models

If you are torn between choosing a free-standing dispenser or a tap water system for your workspace or elsewhere, we are here to help. Here, we will explore the benefits of both tap water systems and free-standing water coolers.


Water pH and our Environment

We will explore what exactly is pH and how the change in pH levels can affect our environment and the beautiful species that live within it.

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What Minerals are in Water?

Water contains all different essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, fluoride, potassium, iron, and zinc, all of which have many benefits. Around 60-70% of your body is made up of water, and every part of your body needs it to function properly.

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What is Water Pollution? Types, Causes and Prevention

This article will discuss different types of water pollution, factors that contribute to its formation, and ways you can help to prevent it.

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The Water Cooler Troubleshooting Guide

In the water cooler troubleshooting guide, we will provide DIY solutions to repair problems across ordinary dispensers that may save you having to call out an engineer. Such as what to do when your model is not dispensing cold water or, maybe your water cooler is not dispensing water at all.

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What to Consider When Choosing an Office Water Dispenser

Office water dispensers are so much more than meeting points for co-worker conversation. At BRITA, we have reinvented the office water dispenser to become a smart, sustainable and sterile water solution for workplaces.

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Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in the UK?

We'll go through everything you need to know about UK tap water in this post.

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Unlocking the rewards of ditching plastic bottles

The impact of plastic bottles on the environment is becoming increasingly obvious and while waste reduction remains high on the priority list, there are many other benefits of making the switch from bottled water to a water dispenser.

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Why Drinking Water Promotes Productivity

Water is a vital part of how we stay alive. Here, we discuss all the amazing benefits drinking water has on our creative bodies and minds.

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Meet the guardians of great-tasting water

BRITA’s Head of Beverage Samantha Scoles – now a certified BRITA Water Sommelier having recently completed an 18-month training programme – shares the secrets behind water science.

Fluid Design: The impact of design in the workplace

There’s now a growing opportunity for workplaces to engineer their design to boost productivity and encourage people to return to their desks. That’s why we have launched Fluid Design, a complete insights toolkit powered by exclusive research that reveals how design can transform the workplace and enrich the everyday lives of employees – with just a few small adjustments.

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Different Types Of BRITA Water Coolers

Explore our range of countertop, floor standing, hot and cold water coolers, their benefits, and their use in a variety of environments.


Water Basics

Drinking water is essential – Our guide to water basics will help educate you on the water cycle and how the composition of water is affected by natural and man-made substances.

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How to clean a water cooler

Discover ways to maintain the cleanliness of BRITA water coolers, taps and dispensers and the smart technologies within BRITA products that ensure they remain sanitised.

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Benefits of Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Instant hot water systems are ideal for the workplace as they have many benefits including saving time, energy efficiency and more.

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Mains Fed vs Bottled Water Coolers

This guide explores the difference between mains-fed water dispensers and bottled water coolers in your workspace to help you understand how they differ.


Healthy office, healthy mind

Promoting wellbeing with your office facilities - “Research shows that happy staff really are better staff. If businesses ensure they are creating a positive environment for their staff, they’ll reap the benefits"


How to consume water sustainably

With the Earth being mostly water, it seems like there is enough to go around, but it might one day become scarce. Consuming water sustainably is an important step to save water and the planet. Here we look at ways that you can conserve water for a more sustainable living.

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The importance of hydration

Every organ and cell in our bodies require fluid to perform. This includes maintaining a healthy temperature, detoxifying your body and lubricating your joints. 

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Water Hardness

How soft or hard water can affect its taste and uses. Find out more about what water hardness is, how it effects your water, and what you can do about it.

H20 - Home To Office: An insight lead report on the office of the future

In our latest toolkit, we combine market research with expert insight into psychology, architecture and design to deliver top tips for businesses looking to make their office the best it can be in order to support their staff.

Read the article and download the toolkit to discover how you can achieve a successful return to the workplace.

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Key Considerations for the Future Office

BRITA’s Rebecca Fairfield, Head of Key Accounts recently took part in an enlightening panel discussion, hosted by Sara Bean, Editor of Facilities Management Journal, exploring the concept of The Sustainable Office.

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How to best prepare your team for returning to the office

We asked Paul Dutnall, Head of Operations & Co-working at Work.Life, for his advice on planning a return to the office this year.

NINE TO THRIVE: Our latest research toolkit unveils what employees want from office life in a post-Covid world

With this brand-new piece of research, we not only delve into what office workers truly want as we return to some normality in 2021, but also offer you valuable insights as to how you can make your office as attractive as possible for your employees.

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Prioritising safety and sustainability in the hospitality sector post-lockdown

Andrew Stephen, CEO at The Sustainable Restaurant Association, discusses the changing attitudes towards eating out, sustainability, and how mitigating food waste remains a big challenge for the hospitality industry.

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Building a pathway for the future of hospitality

Chris Gamm, CEO at hospitality charity Springboard, shares his thoughts on preparing for the future and how to remain resilient.

Tips and advice for protecting hospitality workers’ mental wellbeing during the pandemic

Mark Lewis, Chief Executive at Hospitality Action, shares his advice for hospitality workers on how to effectively recognise and manage anxiety during challenging times.

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Can you drink too much water?

What happens to our body when we drink too much water? What are the main symptoms of overhydration? And how can we prevent it?

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BRITA and WDC host hospitality industry webinar

BRITA and Whale and Dolphin Conservation host an insightful discussion exploring how sustainability can be embedded in the hospitality industry post the pandemic.

How can workplaces prioritise sustainability in the post-pandemic office?

Chris Blencowe, Sustainability Manager at office fit-out and refurbishment contractor, Parkeray, discusses how workplaces can create a sustainable work environment that supports employee health and wellbeing.

Office Space Post Pandemic- Design

Redesigning the post-pandemic office

As lockdown measures ease and many businesses begin to reopen, it is now essential that the workplace is reimagined with saftey and hygiene at its heart. Discover BRITA VIVREAU's top 5 tips for redesigning a modern, post-pandemic office that meets the needs of its workers.

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Supporting the psychological needs of your staff post lock-down

Paula Brockwell, Lead Psychologist at The Employee Experience Project, shares her thoughts with us on how workplaces can support employees who are returning to work post-lockdown.

What can we learn from ‘Super Saturday’?

As the hospitality industry starts to open back up again, what are some of the innovative methods that businesses are adopting in order to reopen and serve consumers in the safest possible way? 

Mike Park, Commercial Director at BRITA VIVREAU, on best practice we can take away from the reopening of many hospitality venues on 'Super Saturday'.

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The impact of COVID-19 on your water offering

As UK hospitality businesses reopen, what do operators need to consider when it comes to their water offering? Mike Park, Commercial Director at BRITA VIVREAU, shares his thoughts on how hospitality businesses can serve water safely and sustainably post-lockdown. 

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Missing your normal routine? Here are 5 ways to feel energised at home

It's now more important than ever to look after your health and well-being. Here's 5 top tips on how we can stay energised, healthy and hydrated while at home.

Six tips for healthy and happy employees

Our reserach reveals how to ensure your workforce stays healthy and happy.

Tap Water Bar - Splash

Should the hospitality industry charge for tap water?

In the UK, customers expect restaurants to provide tap water for free. With single-use bottled water providing financial benefits but a high cost to the environment, is their a better solution for hospitality businesses in 2019?

Plants in Office

A sustainable workplace for a sustained workforce

Our recent research highlights the importance of designing a sustainable workplace environment and how the physical office space should be optimised to appeal to the needs of the next generation.

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Harnessing hydration in the workplace

How are you supporting your employees to stay on track with their health goals in 2020? Learn how hydration can boost the health and well-being of your employees, all year round. 

Green Office - Sustainability and Recycling

4 Top tips on going green in the workplace this Global Recycling Day

Is your business prepared for Global Recycling Day?

Read on to find out how facilities can support an eco-friendly workplace in four simple steps.