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The New BRITA VIVREAU ViTap; Quenching thirst in style

Discover BRITA VIVREAU's exciting new matte black edition to its ViTap range. A simple and sleek design, sure to blend into any modern interior.

Office Space Post Pandemic- Design

Redesigning the post-pandemic office

As lockdown measures ease and many businesses begin to reopen, it is now essential that the workplace is reimagined with saftey and hygiene at its heart. Discover BRITA VIVREAU's top 5 tips for redesigning a modern, post-pandemic office that meets the needs of its workers.

Working From Home Stress - Small

Missing your normal routine? Here are 5 ways to feel energised at home

It's now more important than ever to look after your health and well-being. Here's 5 top tips on how we can stay energised, healthy and hydrated while at home.

The top 3 ingredients for healthy and happy employees

Our reserach reveals how to ensure your workforce stays healthy and happy.

Tap Water Bar - Splash

Should the hospitality industry charge for tap water?

In the UK, customers expect restaurants to provide tap water for free. With single-use bottled water providing financial benefits but a high cost to the environment, is their a better solution for hospitality businesses in 2019?

Plants in Office

A sustainable workplace for a sustained workforce

Our recent research highlights the importance of designing a sustainable workplace environment and how the physical office space should be optimised to appeal to the needs of the next generation.

Sparkling Water Lemon Slice

Harnessing hydration in the workplace

How are you supporting your employees to stay on track with their health goals in 2020? Learn how hydration can boost the health and well-being of your employees, all year round. 

Green Office - Sustainability and Recycling

4 Top tips on going green in the workplace this Global Recycling Day

Is your business prepared for Global Recycling Day?

Read on to find out how facilities can support an eco-friendly workplace in four simple steps.