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How To Beat The Back To Work Blues

From enjoying a well deserved break over the summer, being reunited with family members over the christmas period or taking a long weekend break away, returning back to work and getting back into your normal everyday routine can feel shadowing. We’ve got some great tips to help beat those work blues, so you can ease yourself back into things.

1. Take The Extra Day Off

Acting as a buffer, taking that extra day off before returning back to work after annual leave can make all the difference. This allows you to collect your thoughts, ease yourself back into a normal sleeping routine and prepare yourself for the days and week ahead. Whether you decide to spend your extra day off with friends and family, relaxing or deep cleaning your space, taking time for some self-care and overall wellbeing is so important.

2. Prepare Yourself The Night Before

Organising yourself the night before you go back to work after time off from work can make all the difference to your mood and morning routine. Getting yourself back into a healthy eating routine after indulging on the all-inclusive buffet can be a dramatic change. Start by making your lunch the night before, this can be anything from a sandwich to a salad. To make your morning routine easier, leave a mug or flask out on the counter for your morning tea or coffee, perfect for mornings on the go. Packing your bag with the essentials the night before can also make a huge difference, preventing you from forgetting anything while commuting to work.

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3. Practice Mindfullness

Take time to relax the night before, do some self-care, go on an evening walk, or run yourself a relaxing bath. Whether you prefer to relax and read a book or go on a 5K run, this will set a positive tone for the following morning. Practicing some mindfulness techniques including meditation, yoga or listening to relaxing waves sounds to help you sleep, could relief any pre back to work stress you may be feeling.

4. Commute into the Office

For remote workers, taking a trip to the office on your first day back after annual leave, may help ease you back into a normal working routine. Talking to fellow colleagues and catching up with them face to face in a working environment, may make your working day more fulfilled. Along with work meetings and general chat about your travels, sharing your experiences with your colleagues create a positive atmosphere in the office.

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5. Clear Your Inbox

Once you arrive and settle back into your workspace, set time aside to go through your email inbox. Clear out any unwanted emails which aren’t relevant and flag the ones which need addressing. This can give you a clear focus for the day, clear any junk and plan your day or week accordingly. Beyond this, create a return plan or a to do list which will help you organise which tasks to prioritise first.

6. Stay Hydrated

From the start of your first day back in the office, to the end of the working week, regularly drinking water and staying hydrated can improve productivity. From reducing stress and anxiety to embracing your creative flow, drinking water regularly has a range of benefits. Taking a water bottle into the office will constantly be a reminder to drink water and fill up when you get low. Having a water dispenser  at work is a great way to have access to cold still water on demand near your workspace too.

7. Set Some Personal Goals

Returning from annual leave and going back to work can feel deflating. However, if you are starting a fresh week, new month or year, why not set yourself some personal goals to achieve within that time period. This can help beat those work blues by giving you something to do outside of work that you can then look forward to. This can be from anything as small as drinking 2 litres a day, waking up earlier, starting a new hobby or learning something new to building your stamina to sign up for your first marathon. Whatever your goals, give yourself the time to achieve them, outside of work.

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8. Book Your Next Break

Booking your next break or knowing you’ve got time off coming up helps to beat the work blues as it will give you something to look forward to. From weekend getaways to placing a deposit on your next summer holiday, planning your next break away will help you get back into the working mindset.  

Beating The Work Blues

From preparing your morning tea to achieving your yearly goals, keeping a work life balance will ultimately change your outlook and perspective on your everyday routine. Start by making those small changes which will eventually become routine throughout your day. You can also beat those back to work blues by creating a work area to help you feel happier and more comfortable at work, for inspiration take a look at our post on Office Hacks To Improve Your Work Environment. Look at our Dispenser News and Stories for more helpful articles.

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