How can your office space boost employee wellbeing?

The focus on workplace mental health is growing

The mental and physical health of your employees has always been important; however, nine out of ten businesses are reporting struggles to retain staff and the focus on workplace mental health is growing.

Wellbeing initiatives are not always straightforward to manage and implement. In the world of hybrid working – are office drinks on a Friday still relevant, or are employees looking for something more?

We’ve conducted research to find out what makes office workers tick, and partnered with workplace wellbeing expert, Gethin Nadin, to offer his tips on supporting employees to feel their best at work.

Tackle stress in the office

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Gethin recommends creating an office environment that encourages conversations and casual encounters. These connections at work have been proven to make people feel happier, less stressed, and more likely to stay in their jobs.

Our new research found 44% of office workers said that talking to a colleague helps them deal with stress at work and that the productivity of half of office workers improves after taking a tea or coffee break.

It’s also a good idea to consider what is stressing your employees outside of the office. While, as an employer, you can’t stop your team having relationship or money worries, by equipping them with skills like mindfulness it can help them deal with everyday stressors.

Gethin Nadin, MBPsS Psychologist and UK Mental Health Campaigner of the Year 2023


Improving wellbeing in the workplace is far more about the micro things you can do as an employer, rather than the big ticket things that might take years to implement, so focus on the small steps first.

Offer workplace wellbeing incentives that your employees won’t be able to get at home


Encouraging employees to use your office space can be challenging so offer incentives your employees can’t get at home.

More than a third of office workers said they would feel valued by their company if they had a water dispenser with cold, sparkling and still filtered water in the office.

Discover office water coolers.

Gethin recommends that installing a water dispenser to keep employees hydrated can help your staff spark conversations and build the relationships that maintain good mental health in the workplace.

He also confirmed that “Food is a good way to get people into the office”, so offer healthy snacks and breakfast cereal to show the value you have for your staff.

Find out more about the benefits of a BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers for your office.

Create a vibrant and relaxing workplace

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Don’t forget the impact that your surroundings have on wellbeing. Our Home To Office campaign found that 73% of office workers would be more likely to leave their job if their office wasn’t designed with positive mental health in mind.

Gethin suggests introducing more plants to the workspace, saying how “more plants in the workplace can lead to a decrease in tension and anxiety, depression and fatigue among workers”.

It might also be beneficial to give the office a makeover with new, vibrant colours and comfy furniture.

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