How To Clean A Water Cooler

At BRITA, we understand that now more than ever, safety, sanitisation and hygiene are of utmost importance. This article covers how to maintain the cleanliness of BRITA water coolers, taps and dispensers and the smart technologies within BRITA products that ensure they remain sanitised even without human intervention.

How to keep your BRITA water cooler clean and hygienic

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  • Clean dispensing taps, drip tray and all other touchable surfaces with antibacterial wipes or a non-abrasive cloth and disinfectant spray (minimum once a day).
  • Ensure that your glasses and bottles have been cleaned thoroughly (inside and outside) before use.
  • Ensure you do not touch the dispensing nozzle with your hand or bottle.
  • Your dispenser nozzle should be removed and soaked in a sanitising solution, which has been diluted 50/50 with still water. The nozzle should be left to soak for a minimum of 12 hours.

  • Keep the surrounding area around the machine clean and sanitised using sanitising wipes or a sanitising spray (with a hygienically clean non-abrasive cloth).
  • The tap equipment in the cupboard area below should be kept free of dust; the ventilation should not be obstructed allowing free airflow around the equipment.
  • After completing each clean, dispense water for at least 10 seconds to flush through the nozzle.
  • DO NOT use any abrasive material on your BRITA VIVREAU system.
  • Please refer to the BRITA VIVREAU Consumable Products Order form if you would like to purchase any of these cleaning products.

BRITA Hygiene Technology

Our water dispensers come pre-installed with the latest in water cleaning and hygiene technology. These solutions are perfect for environments requiring stringent sanitisation protocols such as hospitalsrestaurants or as office water coolers. Find out more about our water dispenser cleaning technologies below.

Thermalgate 482 x 271

BRITA ThermalGate™

Powerful thermal disinfection solution

The tap of a typical water dispenser is exposed: a sneeze or touch of a hand, for example, can introduce germs. Without a robust safeguard, microorganisms on the wet tap can go on to contaminate the dispenser.

That’s why our BRITA dispensers include our ThermalGate™ feature. This automatically and regularly heats the tap to disinfect it. So you can sit back and relax – knowing you have a proactive, powerful defence against germs, tried and tested by an independent laboratory (Hygiene Institut des Ruhrgebiets).

Hygiene plus 480 x 270

BRITA HygienePlus

Proven three-zone-protection for special hygiene requirements

Our special BRITA HygienePlus solution consists of three safeguards. Together, they deliver the outstanding degree of protection needed in hygiene-sensitive environments.

BRITA HygienePlus removes bacteria and microbial cysts, so you enjoy safe, great-tasting water at all times. Plus, BRITA HygienePlus has been tested in multiple studies at hygiene institutes, including at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

2020_CLARITY_Protect 480 x 270


Reliably safe and clean water for your dispenser

Drinking water is strictly controlled. But in healthcare and other environments, you often need an extra level of safety. The CLARITY Protect 100 filter was made precisely for these scenarios. It removes bacteria, cysts and more to ensure exceptionally clean, safe water.

Clarity Protect 100 removes fine particles such as microplastics, reduces metals such as lead and reduces pharmaceutical contamination. Activated carbon filtration reduces substances that impair taste and colour. Hollow fibre membranes filter out 99.999% of bacteria and 99.95% of cysts all whilst maintaining the right balance of minerals in the water.



Removing limescale from a hot water tap

The ­filter medium reduces the total hardness of the water and reduces limescale and gypsum deposits. It also removes coarse particles and substances for outstanding and consistent water quality – free of unwanted taste and aroma elements. All hot water dispensers are equipped with our BRITA PURITY C Dispenser filter.

Maintenance and Servicing

Service_mobile_710 x 400.

Customer service

With a BRITA service package keep your water dispenser in optimal condition, and avoid costly downtime and reactive maintenance costs. With a range of service options available, a dedicated customer care team and national BRITA engineering team you benefit from a premium end-to-end water dispenser service. We work with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your service - from site survey and installation to training, maintenance and servicing.

mobile_buy or rent_ 710 x 400.jpg

Buy or Rent

Renting a water dispenser not only helps spread costs over a longer time period, but maintenance of your rental water cooler is also included in your payment plan. This ensures high-quality filtered water on demand and guarantees that your workforce or guests are drinking sustainably with no single-use plastic.

Need more help trying to find the ideal BRITA product for your organisation? Get in touch with our team.

If you'd like to discuss a how a BRITA VIVREAU dispenser can benefit your workplace, call us on 0345 674 9655 or contact us below.

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