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Explore our range of countertop, floorstanding, hot and cold water coolers, their benefits, and their use in a variety of environments.

Water cooler types range from countertop to floorstanding, with options for space-saving and sustainably friendly options too. At BRITA, each type of water cooler has its own unique features, designed to work in different environments. Here, we’ll explore some of the most popular types and help you decide on the best water cooler for your intended space.

Countertop Water Coolers

A countertop main-fed water dispenser is a compact and convenient way to supply water without taking up too much space within a workspace. Small but powerful, they‘re the ultimate space-saving hydration solution.

top pro countertop dispenser


Our BRITA VIVREAU Top Pro water dispenser has a choice of upto four water types: unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling offering and delivering you high-quality water. This premium, stainless steel water dispenser is made to meet the needs of all types of environments, with its multipurpose countertop and floor standing feature.

extra 1 shape 5184 x 3456


If you prefer a countertop tap, our BRITA VIVREAU Extra I-Tap water dispenser is a minimalistic, sleek, and stylish water cooler which provides fresh and great-tasting drinking water. The tap runs through a carbon-based filter system that removes impurities, chlorine, and other impurities commonly found in tap water.

Available in 2 heights, this water cooler is also equipped with an optional BRITA VIVREAU Easy Access Panel that can be placed at different heights, e.g. for wheelchair users.

EXTRA c-shape 5184 x 3456


Our BRITA VIVREAU Extra C-Tap countertop water dispenser is a smart and stylish C-shaped dispenser. The state-of-the-art technology offers instant hot water, as well as chilled, ambient, sparkling, and semi-sparkling water to cater to all taste, and keep your employees hydrated while hard at work. Take a look at our hot and cold dispenser range.

Tailored to your environmental needs, there are two choices of tap heights: a short tap or a tall tap. The short tap (26cm) is ideal for glasses, cups, and short bottles, whereas the tall tap (33cm) is perfect for large bottles, jugs, and small vases. 

FloorStanding Water Coolers

Floorstanding water coolers are a perfect choice for office water coolersschools and any other public spaces. These water coolers are available in various combinations of hot and cold, sparkling and bottled water.

top pro countertop dispenser


Our BRITA VIVREAU Top Pro water dispenser is available as a countertop or floorstanding water cooler, perfect for a variety of industries and workspaces.

BV fill top


Our  BRITA VIVREAU Fill T-Tap and Fill Pro is Brita’s most powerful and efficient water dispenser, available as a tap system, a countertop water dispenser, or a floor-standing water cooler. This reliable and sustainable is perfect for diverse environments including hotels, restaurants, and offices. With powerful ice-bank technology, this water cooler dispenses high volumes of freshly chilled water on demand.

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Space Saving Water Coolers

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Water Dispenser Accessories

Brita has a range of reusable and sustainable designer bottles that you can tailor with your own logo and brand messaging to elevate your branding for your business. More of our dispenser accessories include crates, wash trays, base units, and dispense extenders, all tailored to suit your use.

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