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Water dispensers for your school or university

  • Save money vs. cost of pre-bottled water
  • Quality filtered water for students and staff
  • Easy to use, mains-fed water coolers for schools

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water dispensers in school

Why choose a BRITA VIVREAU water dispenser?

  1. Safe and hygienic: Our hygiene features eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and protect against external contamination.

  2. Filtered water that doesn’t run out: Our water dispenser for schools efficiently dispenser 120L of cold water per hour.

  3. Cost savings: Save significant amounts of money on buying and storing pre-bottled water.

  4. Rent or purchase: Our experienced team will work with you to discover what payment option suits you best, giving you financial flexibility. Explore more in our page for renting or buying a water dispenser.

  5. Improved sustainability: Eliminate single use plastic bottled water and benefit from our emission reducing technology.

  6. Quality, reliable product: Expertly produced with first rate materials, meaning you can count on a reliable, quality product that won’t let you down.

Our school water dispensers are perfect for your education facility

University students around dispenser

Water dispensers

Our versatile range include tap, bottling, floor standing, and countertop mains-fed water dispensers for schools.

This allows us to have a product for all areas of your education facility, including halls of residence, canteens, and on site catering.

Your own branded water.

Water bottles & accessories

Perfect for conferences and meetings, our range of large bottles accompany our water coolers for university perfectly.

They are also effective in on site hospitality spaces such as cafes.

Technician with dispenser

Service and maintenance

A range of service options, dedicated customer care, and national BRITA engineering team.

Our complete school water dispenser service offering is always on hand for you.

Dispenser with hygiene logo

Prioritising hygiene with our education water dispensers

Maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for school staff and students is as important as it has ever been.

Our two unique school water dispenser product features help to ensure everyone in your education facility can safely access clean, fresh, great tasting water.


  • Removes 99.99% of all bacteria.
  • Offers a three-zone protection system, which effectively removes impurities found in tap water.


  • Automatically heats the dispenser's outlet tap at regular intervals to thermally disinfect it.
  • This protects against retrograde contamination from external sources such as physical contact (e.g. touching the tap) and droplets (e.g. from sneezing or coughing).
  • Is always on duty, even during inactive phases such as overnight or weekend, so no manual effort or chemical additives are required.

Learn more about BRITA school water dispensers

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Virtual Showroom

Explore our virtual showroom and see how BRITA VIVREAU water dispensers compliment your School or University.

Click here to explore
Explore our range of school water dispensers and bottles
Woman filling water glass


The BRITA VIVREAU Fill dispenses unlimited chill and sparkling water on demand, making it the ideal main-feds water cooler for schools in high consumption areas, such as back of house catering facilities, plus on-site cafes and canteens.

  • Individual Still & Sparkling taps provide consistent high quality, filtered water.
  • Equipped with the latest class-leading features such as TwinFilling – allowing you to fill two bottles at one time.
  • Quick and efficient school water dispenser that provides high volumes of water on demand – efficiently dispensing 120L of cold water per hour.
  • Three different install options depending on the layout of your space.
  • Equipped with our unique ThermalGateTM technology, which thermally disinfects the nozzle, providing protection against external contamination.
Student filling up water bottle


The BRITA VIVREAU Top perfect self-service water cooler for university for areas such as hallways, libraries, and canteens, and can also be conveniently set up in areas such as staff rooms.

  • Equipped with our HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ technology. 
  • Optional Easy Access Panel (EAP), an additional control unit that can be positioned at a lower point, either flat to a surface or at an angle.
  • The EAP is ideal for wheelchair users as it enables safe access to drinking water without having to reach over the appliance or school water dispenser point.
  • The Top comes as both a floor-standing and countertop model.
  • Available in two different capacity options.
  • Boasts an easy to use intuitive touch display.
University student pouring water from bottle

BRITA VIVREAU Bottles and Accessories

Our range of BRITA VIVREAU water bottles and accessories further enhance your on site water dispenser for schools.

  • Our large Swing and Classic bottles are perfect for communal use such as conferences as well as on site catering services.
  • Made with glass, they bode a sleek design and are available in different capacity levels depending on your requirements.
  • All of our bottles can be personalised with your logo.
  • Providing universitiy staff and student with personal drink bottles is a great way to ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Our helpful accessories include crates, wash trays, base units and extenders, engineered specifically to suit our dispenser and bottle range.


The Extra C-Shape is our first fully customisable water dispenser. The Extra C-Shape has a sleek, premium design that can be tailored to your preference, with smart features like portion control, that make it quick and simple to use. Perfect for communal areas such as staff rooms. 

  • Flexible to suit your space; Choose a water dispenser that works for you. Not only can you pick the configuation of water types, but also the height of the tap and size of the boiler that fits your requirements.
  • Reduce your footprint: Harness the power of our natural, carbon neutral R290 refrigerant and lower your business's carbon footprint by using a energy efficient water dispenser. 
  • Hot on hygiene: Keep your employees safe with BRITA ThermalGate™ - our powerful thermal disinfection solution. This automatically and regularly heats the water dispenser tap to disinfect it, providing you with a protective defence against bacteria and viruses.

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Our signature water dispenser with outstanding design and state-of-the-art technology

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BRITA VIVREAU Fill tap with two bottles



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Water dispenser tap BRITA VIVREAU Extra I-Shape



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Eco-friendly choice

Ecological alternative to bottled water

Water dispenser BRITA VIVREAU Top



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Quality & Reliability

With over 50 years’ experience in water filtration, BRITA is a brand you can trust