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How to Cool an Office Without Using an AC

We all look forward to a hot, sunny day, but going to work in a warm, stuffy office is something we dread. Installing an air conditioning system is an effective solution, but with the high costs and the rarely occurring sunshine we get in the UK, installing air conditioning in your office may be inefficient.

This article will show you how to keep your office cool this summer and help your employees remain at the top of their game during the work day.

Why is it Important to Keep Cool at Work?

Keeping cool when working is essential for staying alert and focused. When temperatures rise, our bodies exert more energy to maintain a functional body temperature. This energy is controlled through sweat glands, transferring heat energy from the skin to the environment. The downside of this is that we can become tired and uncomfortable.

Our bodies use more energy to keep us cool, diminishing the energy we need to remain productive at work.

Additionally, working in a warm office will increase the risk of dehydration. Therefore, finding ways to cool an office is vital for keeping your workforce in a positive mood and remaining focused throughout the day.

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Tips For Cooling an Office Without AC

When installing AC isn't an option, finding other solutions for keeping the office cool and comfortable is essential. In the list below, we have a mixture of creative and practical ways to help keep the office cool this summer:

1. Keeping Hydrated

The easiest way to keep cool whilst at work is to stay hydrated. When we are dehydrated, our bodies find it more challenging to produce the sweat needed to cool the body down, and with that, the electrolytes we need to remain energised leave our bodies.

Encouraging your workforce to remain hydrated throughout the working day is vital for keeping everyone cool. Placing water dispensers throughout the office is a good reminder for employees to keep topping up on their water intake. You could even fit a sparkling water dispenser in the kitchen, to encourage those that don't like still water to stay hydrated.

2. Let The Cool Air In

The obvious action to take when the office gets too hot is to open all the windows, but using your windows wisely can help keep the temperature inside the office down. When the temperature outside is at its lowest in the mornings or late afternoons, open all your windows. This way, you let the cooler air travel into the office and disperse. During the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest, close your windows as this way, the warmer air remains outside, meaning that the cooler air you have allowed in stays inside.

3. Place Fans Strategically

With the high expenses of installing an air conditioning system, using fans instead is kinder on the budget. Where you place your fans dramatically affects the amount of cool air travelling around the office. Combining our advice from point 2, putting a fan across from an open window during the cooler hours helps push the cool air from outside around the office. Likewise, when it is warmer outside, placing a fan towards a window prevents the warm air from entering the office. Another creative way of keeping the office cool using a fan is to place a bucket of ice-cold water in front of your fans. That way, even colder air will travel across the office.

4. Close Unoccupied Rooms

If your office has many rooms where no one is working, keep those rooms closed. The larger the office area, the further the cooler air has to travel, and shutting off any unoccupied rooms keeps the cooler air around the spaces where people work.

5. Switch Off Unused Electrical Items

The heat from laptops, screens and printers all increases the temperature inside an office. By turning these items off when not in use, you're not only saving on your energy bills but also preventing heat from being emitted from this equipment. As well as this, installing energy-efficient electrical items such as energy-saving bulbs produce less heat when switched on, so it would be a good idea to have all your bulbs changed.

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6. Reflect Light From Outside

The bright sunlight beaming onto your windows during the warmest parts of the day can make it uncomfortable for your employees to work and concentrate on their tasks. Closing the blinds on your windows prevents those intense UV rays from passing through the window and warming the office up. If closing your blinds makes the office too dark, you can install reflective films on your windows. That way, those strong UV rays are reflected away from the office.

7. Dress Down

Make some tweaks to your company's dress code. Office clothing can often be uncomfortable on those warmer days due to the types of fabrics and the layers worn. Encouraging your employees to wear light and lose clothing will allow their skin to breathe and help them stay more relaxed.

8. Frozen Treats

Why not treat your employees to cold treat? Not only will it give your workforce a little boost, but it will also help to keep them cool and refreshed.

Energy Saving Benefits of Not Using an AC in the Office

Installing air conditioning in an office can be a costly expense. AC is not only pricey to install but also generates lots of electricity, pumping up those soaring energy bills. The maintenance and servicing costs for an air conditioning system must also be considered. Alternatively, placing fans and water dispensers around the office is a more efficient way of keeping your employees cool during summer.

Cooling a Room Without AC

So there you have it, 8 tips to keep your employees cool, refreshed and on top of their game this summer. If you are an employer struggling to keep your office cool without AC, why not invest in some office water dispensers? We have different buying options to keep those costs down, so contact us today to discuss the best water solutions for your office.

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