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4 Top Tips on Going Green in the Workplace this Global Recycling Day

Is your business prepared for Global Recycling Day? Read on to find out how facilities can support an eco-friendly workplace in four simple steps.
Global Recycling Day 2020

A big opportunity

This coming Wednesday sees the return of Global Recycling Day (18th March), which recognises the importance recycling plays in securing the future of our planet.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in offices. In fact, the majority (86%) of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it reported back on its impact on the environment.

As such, CSR and sustainability initiatives present big recruitment and retention opportunity for businesses.

Increase your plastic recycling with BRITA

Water: a great place to start

For businesses looking to improve their sustainability credentials, a great place to start is the facilities on-site, including the water provision.

Water presents plenty of opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to boost their sustainability credentials – whether that’s reducing water wastage or eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

But what other steps can your business take to help reduce its environmental impact and do its part for the planet? 

Need inspiration? Make your workplace a more eco-friendly environment with these simple steps:

1. Eliminate single-use

Introducing a filtered water supply can impact a business’ environmental credentials in a big way. Installing a hot and cold water dispenser, such as the BRITA VIVREAU ViTap, gives employees access to unlimited hot, cold, still and sparkling water and helps businesses to lower energy consumption by removing the need for multiple kettles.

It also supports businesses in reducing waste and recycling costs by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU Bottles Wave Bottle

2. Refill and reuse:

Another way to encourage employees to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic is by providing complimentary refillable water bottles, such as the BRITA Wave bottles.

This initiative is a great way to encourage eco habits among employees and instill a sustainable ethos within the workplace.

A refill culture not only helps to nurture the well-being of our planet but also ourselves, with hydration being key for employee performance and welfare.

BRITA sustainability hand holding soil with plant

3. Work with sustainable suppliers:

Businesses are increasingly looking to their suppliers to help them achieve their sustainability targets. At BRITA Professional, we continually think about our impact on the environment and how this filters down to help our customers.

To do this, our products use fewer natural resources and our transport network also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and a healthier planet.

Green Team in Office

4. A dedicated green team:

Empowering employees to take charge of sustainability measures in the workplace is another great initiative to consider. As such, forming a “green team” is a great motivator for employees wanting to make a difference in their work environment.

This is becoming increasingly important to the younger generation, with the majority of Generation Z and Millennials saying they would feel proud to work at a company that prioritises sustainability*. 

*Survey of 1,000 participants, 3GEM in collaboration with BRITA Professional, February 2019

Plastic filter cases sorted for recycling

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Did you know? In 1992, BRITA became the first company in the industry to establish a recycling programme for used cartridges and in 2017 alone, we recycled over 1.7 million.  BRITA is a business built on sustainability, with initiatives such as a ‘zero to landfill’ policy and recycling initiative which has been running for over 25 years.

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