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How to Carry Water Whilst Running

Whether you are running on a treadmill or out on a trail, you aim to stay as lightweight and hydrated as possible. But you don't want to be carrying water awkwardly, as it could affect your performance.

Here at BRITA, we will go through a few ways of carrying water comfortably whether in the gym or outside.

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Should you carry water whilst running?

Hydration is extremely important when exercising, and running is no different. So it's a good idea to carry water whilst you're running. This is especially important on long runs or in hot weather.

However, if you are only planning a short run (under 30 minutes), so long as you hydrate before and after your run, you should remain hydrated enough throughout your run. But this will also depend on your body weight, personal preference, and the weather.

How much water should you carry when running?

How much water you should take with you depends on many factors. The advised amount of water to carry whilst running is around a litre, however, this is not mandatory.  It'll depend on the weather, how long you are running and the availability of refills (in the gym you won't have to carry as much as when you're outside). If refilling your water bottle on a run is unlikely, remember to drink plenty beforehand and after to balance out your water intake.

How to carry water when running

When running, you want to stay as light as possible as well keeping fully hydrated without anything awkward attached to your body or awkward to carry. The best way to carry water when running depends on personal preference and can be different whether you are in the gym on the treadmill or running outside.

Here are some ways to carry water during your run:

Carrying your water bottle by hand

  • Carrying a water bottle by hand might sound cumbersome, but some runners prefer this for ease of access to water. Make sure you get a water bottle designed for activity, like our Active water bottle for ease of use.

    When choosing a water bottle for running, don't choose a screw cap, instead, look for a valve. You also want a bottle with a good grip that is moulded to your hand so you're not dropping it as you run. Another good feature is a strap to attach the bottle to your wrist. If you carry a water bottle by hand, be sure to switch hands regularly! This will help you to stay balanced when running.

    When in the gym, you'll generally only need a small bottle as you'll be able to fill it up at the nearest water dispenser when needed. When running on a treadmill, you can make use of the cup holder if your bottle is small enough.

Hydration belts

  • If you like having a water bottle, but hate having to carry it in your hand, a hydration belt could be the answer! You can get these for different sizes of bottles, and with extra storage areas for things like your phone and keys. The major benefit of a hydration belt is that it allows you to keep your hands free when running. However, these belts can be bouncy, which might affect your balance. So be sure to find one that fits well, and you are comfortable with.

    Hydration belts can work for carrying water whether you are out on the trail or in the gym on a treadmill. They give you the ease of access to your water whilst not impeding movement.

Hydration packs

  • Hydration packs are better suited to the great outdoors than the gym, as it gives you a hands-free experience when running. These can come as vests or bladders that fit in a small backpack. You can then sip your water, through a straw, as you need it throughout your run. Using hydration packs means that the weight of the water is distributed evenly across your back and the water won't slosh around. You also have additional space for other items like your phone or keys.

Do you need to carry water in the gym?

If you're using the gym's treadmill, it's a little easier to carry water. Most treadmills have cup holders that can hold a water bottle, which makes your water easy to access. Just make sure your water bottle has a valve and not a screw opening if you plan on drinking some when running.

One important thought when running on a treadmill is where you can get a refill. Aim to run where a water station is close, which will mean you can take a quick break from your sprint for more water. Depending on the size of your water bottle, you may not have to refill it as frequently.

If you own a gym, making sure there are plenty of water dispensers is vital. Find out how to choose the ideal water dispenser for your gym

Keeping hydrated on a run

Which is the best way to carry water when on a run depends on many variables. It'll be affected by your preferences, how much water you want to take, and whether you are running on a treadmill or outside. However, it is important to stay hydrated when running, so carrying water is vital. It's important to find a way to carry water that allows you to stay lightweight and doesn't affect your performance

Whichever method of carrying water when running you choose, it can still be easy to forget to drink when running!

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