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How To Choose The Ideal Water Dispenser For Your Gym

From installation to water types, see our suggestions on why choosing to install a water dispenser in your gym environment.

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How to Choose the Ideal Water Dispenser for your Gym?

Keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercising is important for both performance and health reasons. With over 56 years of experience supplying fresh, clean water within the healthcare industry, you can trust us when choosing to install a BRITA water dispenser within your gym. When choosing the right water dispenser for your gym, you must take a few key questions into account.

In this article, we explore these questions and give you the answers you need to make an informed decision. Questions like whether a countertop or floorstanding water dispenser is best suited to your gym? Or, where is the best place to install a water dispenser in your gym?

Water dispenser range

Choosing a BRITA water dispenser for your gym

By providing a sustainable water supply for your gym, your members will keep themselves hydrated and energised. With a choice of unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling water, our range of BRITA mains-fed water dispensers are the perfect addition to all fitness environments. Of course, you understand why water is so important for those who work out. The only question around the matter really is, which water dispenser is the ideal fit for your gym?

BRITA's Top Pro floorstanding model

Floorstanding water dispensers for your gym

Making a water dispenser easily accessible for your gym members is important, as well as keeping it stored in a safe place. Having a floorstanding water dispenser installed encourages members to refill, keep themselves hydrated and reduce the amount of plastic waste. The floorstanding BRITA Top Pro provides unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling with a touch display, providing your members with an easy water dispenser system.

 Fill Pro as floorstanding and countertop model

Countertop water coolers for your gym

Like our floorstanding water dispenser, our countertop water dispenser provides all the same features but as a countertop model. Place it on top of a unit in your gym, allowing members to easily access water on demand. The control panel can be adjusted on a lower level for those wheelchair users, creating a barrier-free environment.

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Where is the best place a put a water dispenser in a gym?

No matter the time of day, gyms are extremely high-traffic areas, so keeping your fitness environment organised and eliminating any risks when members move from machine to machine is important. It is advised to place a water dispenser against a wall close to running machines or stair masters. This way members are in constant site of a water dispenser and can access water when needed. Other areas including changing rooms and corridors are perfect places to have a water dispenser installed.

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Reasons to invest in a water dispenser for your gym

As well as supplying a variety of water types, installing a water dispenser in your gym has many advantages. These are:

  • User-friendly features – our touch display systems, allows members to use the machine without complication.
  • Cost-effective – installing a water cooler within your gym is a more cost-effective solution than bottled water.
  • Stylish and compact – our stylish floorstanding and countertop models are designed with simplicity as well as practicality in mind.
  • Hygienic – BRITA’s HygienePlus triple safeguard is designed to protect healthcare industries such as gyms.
  • Easy installation process – our floorstanding and countertop models can be easily installed in your fitness environment.
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Sustainability and hygiene at BRITA

Sustainability is at the core of BRITA. We are constantly aiming to reduce our business' carbon footprint by improving our product manufacturing methods and encouraging others to follow a sustainable approach. By purchasing one of our BRITA water dispensers, you will be contributing to reducing plastic waste.


Ultimately, either a floorstanding or countertop will be a great addition to your gym. Which one you choose all comes down to space. If you have more space, we recommend opting for a floorstanding water dispenser for your gym.

These are also ideal for high-traffic places like hallways and receptions. If you are more conscious of space and would rather have a space-savvy water dispenser, we recommend going for a countertop system.

They are both easily installed and come with an option for BRITA maintenance.

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