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How To Keep Cool At Work

Whether you are working in the office or working from home, there is nothing worse than trying to cool down in the heat. Staying cool while working can help you stay focused, maintain your energy, and can even help you stay safe while working.

We’ve put together a helpful list of advice on how to cool yourself down in the heat. Even if you’re not working, these tips can also help to keep cool on your day off.

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Tips for Staying Hydrated at Work

1. Use Air-Con

In the UK, most places and homes don’t have an air conditioning unit, so if you don’t have one in the office or at home, we will soon have a helpful article on How To Keep Cool Without AC. If you want to know how to keep your employees cool at work, it’s a good idea to invest in an air conditioning unit to help with productivity. You can also invest in one for your home – although expensive it’s worth it.

Air-con is one of the fastest ways to cool yourself down in hot weather, especially during a heat wave. They filter in the hot air and can cool down a room faster than a fan. If you have one or are getting one, we suggest using it to your advantage.

2. Plug In A Fan

If you don’t have air-con, the next best thing to help circulate the air and keep you cool is by using a fan. This can help cool the room and you down while working, just make sure no paper flies away! You can invest in small countertop fans for offices or tall floor-standing ones. For managers, it’s a good idea to invest in several fans for your employees.

To get the most out of your fan, try placing a bowl of ice or ice pack in front of it. As the air passes over the chill, it'll be cooled down so you'll get some much-needed relief.

3. Find Shade

Another great tip for staying cool in the heat is making and finding shade. If working at home or in the office, try drawing curtains if possible and sitting in a spot of shade - you will naturally feel cooler when the sun isn’t beaming into the room or on you. If possible, try to change the room you're working in to one that doesn't face the sun to stay comfortable throughout the day.

If there is a slight breeze, you can draw the shades with the window cracked to let in some of that cool air. But if there isn’t any breeze, keep the windows shut so you don’t make it hotter. If you are working from home or can do this in the office, open windows in the evening as this is when cooler air can circulate through the room and bring the temperature down for the night and next day.

4. Hydrate

Everyone knows that staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is key. But it's even more important to stay hydrated at work when it's hot outside. Sweating is your body’s way to help cool you down when it’s hot, but you lose fluid when you do. To make sure that you stay hydrated, it’s important to drink small amounts of water regularly instead of waiting until you’re thirsty. This way you can ensure you are giving enough to your body during the day.

Make sure to start your day by drinking a glass of water, and bring a bottle of water to work so you always have water on hand. It’s also a good idea to invest in an office water dispenser for work – this allows access to refreshing cold water at all times for yourself and other employees if you need a refill.

There are lots of benefits of having a water dispenser at work and even better, it’s great for sustainability. With cold, hot and sparkling water on demand, you can choose drinks you enjoy and can even eliminate the need to buy single-use plastic with glass cups and water bottles. For inspiration on where to put it, we have a helpful article about where you should place office water dispensers.

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Staying Hydrated

5. Use Spray Bottles 

Another great tip to cooling down is with a spray or misting water bottle. Using a spray bottle on your skin can lower your temperature and make you feel more comfortable when working. If you pair this with a fan or air-con, it will cool your down faster. It’s not always convenient to bring a mist bottle into the office, but it’s worth it. If you work from home, you can go the extra mile and take a cold shower – or take a cold shower before/after work.

6. Ice Ice Baby 

One step up from the spray bottle, using ice or frozen towels. You can use ice packs or frozen pea bags wrapped in a towel to place on your body to keep you cool as the ice melts. Another way is to dampen a hand towel and place it in the freezer. You can always refreeze and reuse your ice pack to help you stay cool during the day. Another trick that is easier if you work from home, but so worth it.

7. Fuel Your Brain 

Good food is always vital for energy and fuelling yourself for a productive work day. But when it's hot outside, eating certain foods can help to keep your cool. Start your day off with a good healthy breakfast and water – this will give you the well-needed energy. For lunches and dinners, it’s important to go for lighter, cooler meals such as fruit, vegetables, salads, etc. Salads have a high water content to help you stay better hydrated And try to limit the amount of meat you consume as when your body breaks down meat it causes heat with the extra energy expended – also known as meat sweats.

It’s always a good idea to have delicious refreshing snacks like ice lollies or ice creams while working. To keep your employees cool at work, treating them to ice cream can not only cool them down but can also boost morale for the day.

8. Avoid Alcohol 

Although it’s tempting to drink in the sun after work, alcohol isn’t hydrating so if you drink a lot you could end up dehydrated. Your body will be working hard to process the alcohol and to keep you cool during the day, and the next day making you even more tired. So just be careful when drinking when it’s hot out, or avoid it altogether and order water or flavoured sparkling water instead.

9. Dress For The Weather 

When it’s hot outside it's always important to dress appropriately, for the weather but also for work. It’s a good idea to wear light-coloured, lightweight and loose-fitting clothing like shorts, skirts, or dresses as these can help you stay cool. Darker colours absorb the heat and anything tight fit constricts any airflow. Just make sure that whatever you wear, it is work appropriate.

Don’t forget hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen if you are out and about. These help to keep the sun out of your face and eyes to keep you and your skin safe.

10. Put Your Hair Up

If you have longer hair and wear it down for work, it can make you hot and sweat more during the summer. It’s a good idea to wear your hair up so it’s not touching your skin, this can improve airflow and help you stay cool at work.

Staying Cool at Work

By following our tips, you should hopefully be able to cool down and stay cool during the day, whether you are working in the office, at home, or are on your day off.

If you are interested in a BRITA water dispenser for your home or work you can always contact us, we’d love to help! To learn more, why not take a look at our Dispenser News & Stories.

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