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We can all agree the hospitality industry has had to endure much uncertainty and change due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

From the moment the doors of the industry closed due to lockdown, adaptation became a priority to business survival. Restaurants traded crockery for takeaway containers and bars switched champagne flutes for reusable cups, in a bid to cater to changing demand.

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Now, as the industry starts to reopen, hospitality businesses will be planning to ensure success in a very different climate. The first step in planning to reopen is understanding Government regulations and ensuring your premises are safe to welcome customers. UK Hospitality’s website provides up to date information on Government regulations and advice on social distancing for hospitality businesses in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Part of ensuring your business is safe to reopen is to consider advanced cleaning protocols. BRITA Professional research has shown 43% of hospitality businesses will be incorporating additional hygiene protocols into their training. Food Standards Agency’s website explains cleaning protocols to consider.


The anticipation to enjoy a restaurant quality meal is rife, as we are all excited to eat food we are unable to recreate at home -  44.5% of hospitality and catering professionals believe the demand for top quality food and drinks will increase , which is something to consider when planning to reopen.

In fact, BRITA Professional research has shown 95% of businesses agreed customers expectations of the industry have transformed. So, it comes as no surprise 88% of hospitality and catering businesses have used this time to consider their business strategy.

Anticipate the enhanced experience we need to provide to our customers, to remain competitive. With this comes a degree of adaptation, something the hospitality industry has proven it can do. In fact, according to BRITA Professional research, 9 out of 10 businesses agree they can respond quickly to changes in circumstance. Adaptation is exciting as it enables us to be creative and introduce new concepts to our businesses, however, it can be daunting.

To help, BRITA Professional is ready to support with advice from fellow industry professionals on how to future-proof hospitality and catering businesses. The Expertise Unfiltered: Business Longevity campaign offers market research combined with tips on reopening and engaging customers, all located on one online hub. You can also listen to BRITA Professional’s Return, Renew, Reinvent podcast, coming soon to the Expertise Unfiltered Hub and BRITA UK SoundCloud page, which combines perspectives from a variety of hospitality experts on how businesses can ensure future success.

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