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Preventative maintenance is key as the hospitality industry relies on efficient equipment more than ever

It’s been a long time coming. Lockdown restrictions are finally easing and hospitality operators are eagerly welcoming customers back to their outside spaces.

Consumers are lapping up the opportunity to enjoy barista-made beverages and sample new food on the menu – whether that’s their old favourite or an exciting new addition.

With a busy few months ahead, hospitality businesses are relying on efficient and fully functioning equipment more than ever to ensure a smooth business operation and to avoid costly down time.

A closer look at acute challenges for hospitality operators

We recently conducted independent research* among hot beverage and catering decision makers to identify the key challenges presented by the pandemic and drill down into how this is impacting the industry’s equipment.

The results? It’s no surprise that damaged equipment has a huge effect on the stress levels among staff. However, our research also showed that many are still working with equipment that needs replacing or repairing.

The reality is that repairs, or the complete replacement of equipment, will have huge implications on operations and stress within the workplace, at a time where operators are already under immense pressure.

A fifth of hot beverage staff admitted that broken equipment would cause stress in the workplace and 40% say broken equipment would impact business’ profits. As financial fears mount, it’s no surprise 30% of hot beverage and catering staff are more cautious when it comes to handling their equipment.

Three ways to maintain equipment to ensure it stays in top condition:

Enhanced cleaning: The majority of hot beverage professionals and caterers (81%) have altered their equipment cleaning and inspection regime since the pandemic began, with the most common reasons being to make it last longer and to ensure it complies with hygiene guidelines.

Learning new skills: Having the knowledge to fix and maintain equipment is especially useful during periods of downtime from closures or restricted opening, as maintenance work can easily be carried out. Some 63% of hot beverage professionals and 67% of caterers will be attending training sessions, post lockdown, to learn how to fix and maintain their equipment, helping them to save money in the long run.

Focus on maintenance: Nearly one fifth (17%) of hot beverage professionals and 65% of caterers have already introduced preventative maintenance, such as water filtration, to prevent limescale build up and damage.

It’s safe to say that in a time where budgets are tighter than ever and operational down-time is simply unfeasible, preventative maintenance couldn’t be more important.

Want to ensure your equipment stands the test of time?

We all know that one of the most effective ways to prevent premature breakdowns is by using the correct water filter and exchanging it on time. If you need any support from BRITA with helping you stay on top of your filter exchanges, our team is here to help.

Visit our BRITA Managed Services page to find out how your business could benefit from a bespoke service package tailored just for you.

*Research throughout is from 3GEM conducted with 500 professional kitchen workers (October 2020) and 500 hospitality workers who use a coffee machine industry (October 2020).

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