Future-Proof Your Business:

Top Tips to Thrive in 2021 and Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown numerous challenges at the hospitality and catering industry, to which businesses have had to adapt. Now, innovation is more important than ever before.

To help businesses thrive in 2021 and beyond, BRITA Professional is proud to have launched a new series of podcasts called Return, Renew, Reinvent. Each episode features a different industry expert giving invaluable advice on how to future-proof hospitality and catering businesses and secure business longevity.

In the fourth podcast of the series, we hear from Steve Buckmaster, BRITA Professional’s very own Sales Director.

In his podcast, Steve discusses the importance of preventative maintenance on equipment, nurturing relationships with suppliers and embracing the new era of hospitality. Here is a sneak preview of some of Steve’s top tips…

Work with Your Staff to Embrace the New Era

Steve highlights how much has changed for hospitality and catering staff since the Covid-19 pandemic, with so many employees having been on furlough. He says, “businesses have adapted to meet the demands of the market and changing consumer trends, when they come back to work it is not going to be as it was before, they are not going to be too confident.”

Steve adds, “spend the time ensuring everyone is on board with the new objectives.” He explains the importance of assuring all staff understand and are confident in new ways of working, highlighting, “if businesses are confident and have invested that time in their staff, they are on the right footing at the start.”

Consider Preventative Maintenance as an Investment

Kitchen equipment is bound to wear over time, which can result in costly breakdowns and impact productivity and profits. Therefore, Steve advises against cutting costs when it comes to equipment maintenance. He says, “be smart about which costs you reduce… see where you can reduce costs without affecting service.”

The best way to deal with breakdowns is of course to prevent them from happening in the first place. When it comes to combi-ovens, one of the most common reasons for breakdowns is a build-up of limescale. Unfiltered water can cause limescale to form inside the oven, heating rods and other sensitive components, causing the equipment to wear more quickly.

Outsource Expertise

“Focus on what you do best, concentrate on making the customer experience fantastic from the outset. Let other experts look after the parts which support it” Steve says. He advises hospitality businesses to maximise their supplier relationships and utilise their expertise, so more time can be freed up for talented hospitality professionals to focus on providing excellent service, high-quality food and drink, and an incredible experience.

When considering suppliers, Steve highlights the importance of working with those who understand the new objectives of the hospitality industry now it has reopened. A key priority is saving time and money to maximise profits, Steve points out “you have got to be agile, work with suppliers who can help you. Have a relationship with suppliers who understand your business.”

How can BRITA help support its customers?

When it comes to preventative maintenance on equipment, BRITA Managed Services can relieve the pressure on your team. By offering bespoke packages tailored to your business needs, from, monitoring your filter usage and carrying out essential filter exchanges, to training and reporting, you can rely on your equipment to have a longer life span and deliver a smooth service when you need it most.

Steve’s full interview is the fourth episode of BRITA Professional’s Return, Renew, Reinvent podcast series, which explores expert advice to help your business thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic and beyond. Click here to listen to Steve’s full podcast.

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