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How can you make machine breakdowns a thing of the past?

You know the drill. It’s peak service; orders are flying in thick and fast, chefs and servers are working at maximum speed, and the kitchen is heating up. Then, the combi oven breaks down. It’s enough to keep every caterer awake at night.

Unreliable equipment remains a longstanding issue and a significant contributor to stress levels in many kitchens. Half of kitchen workers say they need more reliable equipment to run a practical and efficient kitchen, especially with almost two thirds (62%) dealing with equipment breakdowns on a fortnightly basis!

One of the most common reasons combi-ovens break down is limescale build-up,” says Steve Buckmaster, Sales Director at BRITA Professional. “Limescale can form inside the oven, as well as on heating rods and on sensitive heating components, which can cause the machine to wear more quickly and baking/ cooking programmes to run erratically. Excess limescale will mean that the oven will also have to be cleaned extensively and more energy will be required to reach optimum temperatures, leading to increased running costs.”

And yet, according to BRITA Professional research, despite 59% of businesses using a chemical solution to treat their water against limescale, 90% are still dealing with at least one equipment breakdown a year, which suggests there must be a better solution.

“A water filter can help keep equipment in peak condition by minimising the risk of limescale deposits that can lead to breakdowns, limited efficiency and inconsistency, all of which can have a negative impact on the quality of food served,” says Steve Buckmaster.

Although, installing a filter does not mean ‘job done’; for optimal performance of your kitchen appliances, you’ll need to make sure that filters are changed on a regular basis.

“Over half (55%) of hospitality professionals would prefer for a supplier to handle kitchen equipment servicing to ensure machines are working to full efficiency,” says Steve Buckmaster. “Ask your supplier about the maintenance assistance they can provide for you, from filter exchanges to water testing and routine equipment checks. These additional services could help businesses save time and money. 

“Ultimately, preventative maintenance on combi-ovens is essential for caterers to ensure a consistent food offering and to minimise the risk of unexpected costs if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced when it breaks down.

“By letting BRITA Professional take care of your water filtration you can rest assured that expensive repairs and equipment breakdown due to limescale build up are a concern of the past. We have developed a range of services that can be tailored to your individual needs to help you manage your water filtration requirements. To find out more about how our bespoke services, from water testing and training to monitoring water filter usage and notifying customers when the next filter exchange is due, visit BRITA Managed Services.

Want to find out more about how to address inefficiencies in the professional kitchen for a profitable, efficient and positive working environment? It’s all in BRITA Professional’s report, At Boiling Point. Go to At Boiling Point to download now.

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