A healthier planet

Reducing plastic waste has always been at the heart of BRITA. Find out about our sustainability initiatives and how we support our charity partners to work towards a healthier planet.

Person crushing single-use plastic bottle

Why 2024 is pivotal in the fight against plastic pollution

With 64 countries across the world (including the UK) going to the polls, as well as the climax of the UN plastic treaty negotiations and UN COP16 on biodiversity, the year could be make or break for reducing plastics.

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COP28: Can we expect action on plastic pollution?

As world leaders come together to discuss the biggest crisis of our time, we look at where plastic pollution fits into this conversation.

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BRITA launches ‘Reach for the Reusable’ campaign

BRITA is incredibly excited to launch the ‘Reach for the Reusable’ campaign, which is calling on the government and local authorities to ensure more people can access free drinking water on the go. To achieve this, we’re asking for a change to planning rules, to require developers to include public water fountains in their building plans.

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UK introduces ban on single-use plastics

In January 2023 Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey announced that a ban on certain types of ‘polluting’ single-use plastic items would be introduced in England. With the ban coming into force from 1 October 2023, we take a look at what this means for the UK and consider what more can be done going forward.

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Schools out for a sustainable summer

As the summer holidays are in full swing, here are our top tips on how to enjoy a sustainable summer come rain or shine.

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Why it’s time for events to shun big water

Did you know that advertising of plastic bottled water contributes to at least 81 million extra plastic bottles being sold in the UK? Here's our solution.

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Big water fuelling an even bigger plastic pollution crisis

New whitepaper finds sales of plastic bottled water will soar to 2.8bn by 2026 and calls for urgent action on the industry which is now a major contributor to the escalating plastic pollution problem.

BRITA reusable water filter bottles

Why we need to break down the barriers to refill

Consumers are demanding refillable options, so it’s time to break down the barriers to a reuse society.

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Preventing a sea of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution has a disastrous impact on the environment, but could new schemes provide practical solutions to slashing waste.

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Global Recycling Day

Provides an opportunity to consider the importance of managing the earth’s finite materials in a sustainable way by reducing, reusing and recycling when we can.

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Setting the scene for 2023: some early wins for the environment

With a flurry of announcements, including a single-use plastic ban in England and progress on the deposit return scheme, it looks like green issues are back on the agenda.

Single-use plastic bottles in a recycling box.

2022: A Look Back on Plastics

After another tumultuous year, we reflect on the key developments made around single-use plastic in 2022 and how we hope to build on these going into 2023.

Whale fin in the sea with plastic bottles surrounding it.

The need for an urgent shift towards reuse culture

A three-pronged approach to tackling the UK’s waste crisis.

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Unwrapping Reuse Culture

Our new whitepaper explores the benefits of embedding a reuse culture and why we now need an urgent societal shift towards reuse.

Woman holding recycling box.

Taking Action this Recycle Week

This October, Recycle Week returns with the theme ‘Let’s Get Real’, focusing on challenging perceptions and myths around recycling, as well as seeking to improve recycling behaviours.

A person holding a takeaway bag and cup.

Take away not throw away

With takeaway culture having taken off in the UK, what role can reuse play in ensuring its sustainability?

Tea field

Sustainabili-tea: every cup matters

BRITA Professional champions tea growers protecting the planet with Tea Academy Awards partnership

Plastic bag in the ocean with fish.

UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution

An overview of the ground-breaking UN Treaty on plastic pollution and the impact it could have on our planet.

Solar farm

Liz Truss has become the UK’s latest Prime Minister, so what’s next for the environment?

Despite a summer of heatwaves and drought, climate policy was mentioned only briefly during the recent battle for Prime Minster. So, what’s next for the environment in light of the new Prime Minister’s appointment? 

Inspiring the future generations of whale watchers

This year, to educate young people about the importance of tackling climate change, we have published a new children’s book called The Whale Watchers. We've learnt a lot about the importance of educating young people over the years and know how vital it is to engage the next generation if we want to set the world up for a brighter future.

Exploring the link between plastic and climate change

As we look to find solutions to the current environmental crisis, listening to the scientists dedicating time to researching these issues is imperative.

In October 2021, we spoke to Dr Heidi Pearson, Associate Professor of Marine Biology, University of Alaska Southeast and key research partner of BRITA’s charity partner Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Here’s what she said…


Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is a leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins.

Child holding coffee beans

Project Waterfall

Bringing clean drinking water to coffee-growing communities across the world.