A healthier planet

Reducing plastic waste has always been at the heart of BRITA. Find out about our sustainability initiatives and how we support our charity partners to work towards a healthier planet.

Our Work With Keep Britain Tidy to Reduce Household Waste

Small changes - big impact.

Learn how we aim to drive long-lasting, sustainable change for UK households through our work with our long-term environmental charity partners, Keep Britain Tidy.

The Green and Blue Gala: Celebrating Sustainability in Hospitality

This Earth Day, 22nd April 2021, we’re proud to present the Green and Blue Gala alongside our long-term partner Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Interview with Melissa Hemsley

Celebrity chef, columnist, author and sustainability champion - we caught up with Melissa who shared her top tips for making your business more sustainable.

Sustainability by Numbers

We asked over 2,000 UK adults which sustainability measures would encourage them to go to restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and more. 

Green plant

Taking Action in 2021: Celebrating progress made in 2020 and driving sustainable change

Discover how BRITA plans to drive sustainable change in 2021 by promoting the importance of the waste hierarchy and tackling challenges around carbon emissions and climate change.

Looking ahead to 2021: Maintaining momentum around tackling climate change

Tackling the climate crisis has never been more urgent and as we move into 2021 we look at the action being taken and what more could be done.


Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC is a leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins.

Single use plastic bottles

Keep Britain Tidy

Since 1995, Keep Britain Tidy has worked as an independent charity to eliminate litter, reduce waste and improve public places.

Child holding coffee beans

Project Waterfall

Bringing clean drinking water to coffee-growing communities across the world.