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Our Work With Keep Britain Tidy to Reduce Household Waste

Small positive changes - big impact; how we aim to drive long-lasting, sustainable change for UK households through our work with Keep Britain Tidy.

Over the past year, people have been spending more time at home than ever before because of the pandemic. As a result, a lot of people are now looking at the amount of waste their households create. At the same time, research we undertook last year with YouGov found that as a result of coronavirus, 69% of Britons are willing to change their behaviour to manage a global crisis such as environmental threat.

At BRITA, we believe there is a critical need for business to collaborate with consumers to find ways to reduce household waste and increase understanding that producing large volumes of recycling doesn’t necessarily mean you are being sustainable.

As a company we remain committed to raising awareness of single-use plastic pollution, tackling its causes and playing an active role in reducing consumption through simple sustainable swaps and tried and tested interventions.
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Joining forces with KBT

That’s why we are working with our long-time partner, environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, to roll-out co-design workshops to better understand people’s waste habits and behaviours.

The project, which is being run through the charity’s Centre for Social Innovation, will use the findings of the workshops to design, implement and pilot a new in-home waste reduction intervention in two local authorities.

With experts continuing to emphasise that recycling alone will not stem the flow of single-use plastics into our oceans, we are keen to use this project to identify practical, low-cost and scalable solutions to cut household waste and encourage us to rethink what goes in our bins.  

Overall, we know that lots of small changes to our habits and behaviours add up to make a big difference. Things will not improve over night, but there is an opportunity to help ensure positive habits are capitalised upon and entrenched throughout U.K. households.

The hope is that positive habits picked up at home during lockdown could be the prompt needed to help tackle plastic pollution, reduce litter and protect marine life. We are extremely excited to be working on this project to drive long-lasting, sustainable change for UK households.

We hope to have updates later this year – stay tuned!

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