Sustainability by Numbers

New independent research reveals which sustainable initiatives are important to consumers

We asked 2,121 UK adults for their views on sustainability measures that would encourage them to go to restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and more – now for a takeaway, next month as the sector starts to reopen, or in the future when we are able to make the most of our wonderful hospitality sector.

It’s great to see that most respondents said they would be motivated by a hospitality venue going green. Only 29% said they didn’t think steps in this direction would make a difference.

When considering a return to hospitality venues, reducing disposable packaging and takeaway waste and single use plastice waste were the two biggest considerations for consumers. Two in five people want to see venues reduce their use of single use plastics such as disposable straws and cutlery, while more than a third want them to reduce the amount of food waste they generate. 39% said their loyalty would be boosted by venues using sustainable packaging for takeaway meals (e.g. recyclable or biodegradable options), while 37% want the opportunity to refill water bottles or get a glass of tap water as opposed to purchasing bottled water in single use plastic bottles. A third were also particularly keen on recycling facilities for on-the-go containers like bottles or coffee cups.

Consumers are interested in what businesses are doing – and what’s clear is that small steps could make a difference to footfall and customer loyalty in the future!

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