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New product developments – a filter for every water type in the UK

We’re excited to reveal two NEW product innovations, which now enable us to provide specific filtration solutions for all water types throughout the UK!

The experts at BRITA HQ are continually undertaking in-depth research and analysis of the varying water types throughout the world, leading to these exciting new product developments.

Created specifically with hot beverage and catering operators in mind, our new products enable you to optimise your water supply for great tasting brews and efficient equipment that won’t break down prematurely – no matter how niche your water supply!

Here are all the details you need to know…

How can I understand the characteristics of my water supply?

You’ll already know that regional variance in water can have a major impact on the flavour, aroma and appearance of hot beverages, as well as causing limescale deposits that lead to premature equipment breakdowns.

Our extensive research has given us even more insight and data into water types than ever before. It has helped us to develop an industry first, one-of-a-kind, digital water map, which provides regional information on water quality – from water hardness, the exact type of water, to the risk of corrosion. On top of this, BRITA Professional’s Filter Service App uses data on local water conditions to calculate user-specific recommendations, meaning you really can trust that BRITA has your water filtration sorted!

What does this mean for you?

  • Confidence that you’re installing the right filter for your water supply
  • Accurate filter exchanges to ensure total machine protection
  • Bespoke consultancy from your sales and service team
  • Installation guides and videos at your fingertips

NEW: The PURITY C1100 XtraSafe 

The newly developed water filter provides a dual defence against corrosive water for steaming and coffee-making equipment.

What is corrosive water?

Water high in salts and gypsum can corrode combi steamers and ovens, coffee makers and other valuable equipment, causing signifi­cant damage and premature breakdowns.

Machine longevity and much more…

  • Specially designed for water high in salts and gypsum
  • Dual defence: two ion exchangers protect your equipment against sulphates, chlorides and gypsum that could lead to corrosion and deposits
  • Prevents damage that would require premature replacement of parts
  • Filtration bypass settings tailored to combi ovens and coffee machines
  • Ideal water for delicious coffee and perfectly steamed cuisine

NEW: The PURITY C500 MinUp

Specifically designed for coffee machines, this new filter offers innovative mineralisation for regions with very soft water. The result? Consistently delicious coffee with a fully developed aroma.

What characterises very soft water?

Very soft water (carbonate hardness (CH) ≤3°dH), is commonly found in locations such as Edinburgh, Plymouth and Swansea.

Enhanced hot beverages and much more

  • A solution specially designed for regions with very soft water
  • Provides great-tasting coffee even when local water is low in minerals
  • Better extraction of flavour compounds from coffee during the brewing process for a full aroma and balanced taste
  • Consistent mineralisation across the entire life of the filter for reliably high-quality results
  • Increases the TDS (total dissolved solids) to ensure water-level sensors work effectively in coffee machines
  • Activated carbon technology reduces substances such as chlorine that impact the taste and aroma of hot beverages
  • A single filter head design for all cartridge types in the PURITY C range: with a rapid-replacement system and easy operation

For more information, visit The Purity C1100 XtraSafe and The Purity C500 MinUp. Or if you'd like to discover more about the particular characteristics of your water supply, download our app now or speak to our team on 0844 742 4940. 

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