BRITA’s most powerful and efficient water dispenser. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, event venues, offices, and more.

Product information:

  • A choice of great tasting filtered water: ambient or chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling water
  • A focus on safety: BRITA ThermalGate™ hygiene feature and BRITA CLARITY Taste filter have your back
  • A range of intuitive features: easy to use thanks to SmoothFinishing, TwinFilling, BottleGuard and more

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BRITA’s most powerful and efficient water dispenser. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, event venues, offices, and more.

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Installed BRITA VIVREAU Fill tap system

Always keeps its chill


A cooling capacity of 120 l/h means you can keep on bottling chilled water.

BRITA VIVREAU Fill tap with two bottles

A perfect pour


SmoothFinishing portion control dispenses the right amount at the right speed – ensuring your water doesn't overflow.

BRITA VIVREAU Fill tap filling one glass

Bottling made simple

BottleGuard pins on the drip tray ensure the glass or bottle is aligned with the tap for easy and accurate filling.

BRITA VIVREAU Fill tap with two bottles


  • A focus on sustainability: no more pre-bottled water; environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant
  • Powerful ice-bank technology: water cooler dispenses high volumes of freshly chilled water on demand
  • Choice of water types: ambient and chilled still, sparkling and semi-sparkling
  • Ideal for diverse environments: from canteens and conference rooms to hotels and event venues
  • Easy access to information: system settings, water consumption statistics, filter status, plus leakage detection system for even greater safety
  • Comprehensive BRITA offering: services and accessories, such as customisable bottles
VIVREAU Fill in restaurant

User-friendly features

  • TwinFilling: choice of filling a single or two bottles/glasses simultaneously
  • SmoothFinishing: portion control dispenses the right amount of water at the right speed
  • BottleGuards: drip tray pins allow quick, easy positioning and filling of bottles
  • High cooling capacity: users enjoy an unlimited supply of freshly filtered cold water
  • Touch display: simple and intuitive user interface
A choice of three drip tray options

Installation options

  • Floorstanding dispenser: with base cabinet; can be flexibly installed in diverse environments
  • Countertop dispenser: compact model ideal for environments with limited under-counter space.
  • Tap system:
    • without drip tray: ideal where there is an existing drip tray, e.g. bars with a waste water connection
    • with on-the-counter drip tray: ideal for surfaces made with materials that are difficult to cut
    • with integrated drip tray: ideal for surfaces that are relatively easy to cut, creating an elegant flush finish
BRITA Filter CLARITY Taste Filtration

Filtration & safety

The BRITA CLARITY Taste filter: for delicious water – every time. The filter retains key minerals, while reducing substances such as microplastics, chlorine, and rust that impact the waters taste.

It consists of three key elements:

  1. A pre-filter that removes coarse particles
  2. Activated carbon filtration reduces substances that could impair flavour and odour
  3. Natural minerals are preserved to ensure great taste

A typical dispenser tap is exposed – a sneeze or touch can introduce germs. So we have a further safeguard: the BRITA ThermalGate™ hygiene feature. This automatically and regularly heats the tap to disinfect it.


BRITA VIVREAU Fill Product Information (PDF, 5.407 MB)


Economical solution

Eliminate the cost of buying, transporting, and storing pre-bottled water

Individual selection

Water tailored to your needs: choose from various water types.

Your branding

Increase your brand presence by personalising your dispenser and bottles with your company logo

Eco-friendly choice

Mains-fed dispensers are a sustainable alternative to pre-bottled water

Content employees

Keeping employees hydrated is key to their wellbeing and performance.

Attractive accessories

Create a complete customised solution with a wide variety of accessories.

Great tasting water

Cleaner, fresher tasting water tapped right from the source.

Reliable partner

Quality service and support that you can reply on

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