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Behind The Scenes of The Feel Good Filter

Learn about our new TV ad and how we're hoping to help the British public feel good, one small, sustainable step at a time!

Behind The Scenes of The Feel Good Filter

We’re delighted to welcome onto our screens and into your homes, our new BRITA TV creative, which we’ve called ‘The Feeling'. A labour of love and several months in the making, our new TV ad, 'The Feel Good Filter', which aired on January 4th 2021, aims to support one of BRITA’s principal goals: to reduce single-use plastic in the UK.

We are all so aware of the damage that single-use plastic causes our planet. With approximately 8 million pieces of plastic entering our oceans each day, and 150 single-use plastic bottles currently littering each mile of UK coastline alone*, reducing our reliance on single-use plastic is essential if we are to successfully tackle plastic pollution and protect our environment in the long term.  

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Swap bottled for BRITA

That’s why our new TV spot highlights a simple solution; swap bottled water for BRITA filtered water today. With BRITA providing a sustainable alternative, there's simply no need for single-use plastic bottles. Our quality-made BRITA jugs can be reused for years and our filter cartridges each provide 100L of great tasting filtered water, straight from your kitchen tapand can be 100% recyled once exhausted. 

By encouraging the nation to make the switch, we hope to help the British public keep unsustainable habits in the past so we can begin to minimise our environmental impact.

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The feel good factor

Communicating this message through a heart-warming story was key to capturing the ‘feel good’ factor that lies at the heart of our campaign. The star of our creative is Ellie – a bright-eyed, industrious 9-year-old, who is determined to rid her family home of single-use plastic. With help from her dad, Ellie works tirelessly to build a wind-turbine in her back garden that is made from upcycled single-use plastic bottles.

We follow the ups and downs of Ellie’s creative process until finally, we see the result of her success revealed in the final frame: Ellie’s treehouse adorned by a string of sparkling wind-powered fairy-lights that have illuminated the garden.

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Small changes, big impact

By creating relatable characters and an emotive storyline, our aim was not to criticise anyone for purchasing bottled water, but instead to inspire people to make choices that they can feel good about. After all, it’s these small, positive changes that can eventually have a big impact on the future of our planet.

Much like with all of our BRITA projects, when it came to the production of our new ad, we took a leaf out of Ellie’s book and kept sustainable choices top of mind. Some of the changes we made to be more eco-conscious on set included providing reusable BRITA water filter bottles to crew members, sourcing locally-made props and using reclaimed materials where ever possible.

Ultimately, our hope is that our new TV creative leaves viewers with that feel good feeling, a sense of hope that change is possible, and a willingness to play their part in making it happen – one small, eco-friendly step at a time.

Watch the video below to see behind the scenes of our The Feel Good Filter TV ad.

Behind the scenes of The Feel Good Filter

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Marella and a glass of water on kitchen counter

Tastes good, feels good!

Make small changes that taste and feel good.

With one MAXTRA+ catridge providing 100L of fresh, filtered water, you can ditch single-use plastic bottles and leave unsustainable habits in the past for good. 

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69% of Britons would change their behaviour to manage a global crisis such as environmental threat

Results from our new BRITA survey suggest that remote working could be the solution to single-use plastic pollution as people cut down on unsustainable choices while away from the office.