Joanna Lumley and Gethin Jones

This summer Joanna Lumley and Gethin Jones spoke out about the rising problem of single use plastic...

...urging Brit's to stop drinking bottled water at home and opt for tap water instead.

Just Tap. Filtered

Take it from Joanna, tap water is simply fabulous - filtered of course!

Despite the popularity of the BBC’s recent War on Waste series, a quarter of Brits (23%) have no plans to reduce how much single-use plastic they buy, research reveals in a new campaign aimed at putting a stop to Brits’ shocking levels of bottled water consumption. 

We’re a nation of taste snobs with 39% of consumers buying bottled water because ‘it tastes better than tap’ and a third (32%) wanting to avoid limescale and ‘nasties’. Yet a fifth (18%) of the population haven’t even tried the more eco and purse-friendly alternative, filtered tap water, despite over half of those who have tried it saying it tastes better than tap.

When asked why they weren’t reducing their SUP habits further, a surprising one in 10 (9%) said they did not care enough about the environment to change their shopping habits, and more than half blamed a lack of SUP alternatives. Promisingly, 45% of Brits want single-use plastic water bottles banned entirely, and 80% of the population are demanding that the government take action by introducing new laws to tackle the problem and place a ban on SUP.  

Did you know 1 million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute? Great tasting water doesn't need to damage the environment and there's no need for you to lug heavy bottles back from the shops! With one MAXTRA+ cartridge able to filter 100L of water, filtered water offers a more sustainable alternative to drinking bottled water, without compromising on taste.

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