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With integrated HygienePlus technology

Hygiene, sustainability, design and cost efficiency are of utmost importance to our customers, especially as we navigate a new world post COVID-19 and a return to the office

As the market leader in filtered water systems and using our 50 years of scientific expertise, we’ve developed two new products that incorporate the latest energy-saving and hygiene technology to provide high-quality, sustainable, and safe filtered water for your workplace.


Looking to ensure the highest hygiene measures for your workplace?

With almost 90% of the workforce stating they’d like to continue working from home in some capacity[1], putting hygiene front and centre of office facilities is top priority for Facilities Managers looking to reassure employees returning to the office after months of working from home. This, coupled with an increased focus on health and wellbeing, means FMs need to ensure that shared amenities, like water dispensers and water coolers or tea and coffee points, are set up to not only meet social distancing rules but heightened hygiene regulations.

[1] BBC News, 28 August 2020:

To achieve this, we've launched the Top and Extra dispensers, designed specially with hygiene in mind

Both products are built as standard with BRITA’s unique ThermalGate™ technology, which automatically heats the outlet tap at regular intervals. This protects against retrograde contamination from external sources, such as physical contact (e.g. touching the tap) and droplets (e.g. from sneezing or coughing).

There is also the option of BRITA’s HygienePlus solution, with an effective three-zone-protection for water dispensers that is designed specifically for environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

The benefits of HygienePlus:

  • Remove any potential bacteria and other health-hazardous contaminants
  • Enhance clarity by reducing metals, such as lead, and improve the taste of water by lowering the amount of chlorine
  • Remove any remaining bacteria and cysts before the water is dispensed via a fine, double-layer membrane that’s inbuilt into a filter located in the tap

Find out more about our HygienePlus and ThermalGate™ features:

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Whether you’re looking to decrease your environmental impact, elevate the design of your workplace, or ensure strict hygiene standards are met, the benefits of the Top and Extra speak for themselves:
Office Space - Windows and Plants

A sustainable solution

The Top and Extra are a sustainable alternative to pre-bottled water and help to reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging the use of reusable bottles.

On top of this, it saves time and improves efficiency as there is no need to manage bottled water logistics, it doesn’t require any storage space, and reduces energy consumption by removing the need to refrigerate water.

The products also have very low power consumption through new natural refrigerant cooling technology – further reducing emissions and going towards meeting your business’ sustainability targets.

Man with bottle - countertop

Promote healthy hydration

Encourage your employees to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day by making fresh, filtered water readily available throughout your workplace.

Healthy hydration levels have been proven to boost productivity, mental wellness, and overall workplace happiness.

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The Extra's minimalistic and smart design

The Extra is our most elegant water dispenser solution.

The state-of-the-art technology is hidden under the countertop so all you see is the premium tap, dialling up the design of your office space.

Top floor standing with man

The adaptability of the Top

The Top is a modern, self-service water dispenser that adapts to your individual facility design and can be set up anywhere in either a countertop or floor-standing model. 

The customisable base also means you can strengthen your corporate identity and raise brand awareness.

Extra - Office

Giving you the option

Both the Top and Extra offer a choice of water capacity – either a medium 50 litres per hour or high 85 litres per hour – depending on your consumption needs.

There is also a choice of four different water types: ambient, chilled still, and two sparkling water options.

For more information on how the Top or Extra systems can benefit your workplace, please call +44 345 674 9655 or use the contact form below.  

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