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What energy are you wasting?

BRITA’s latest campaign shines a light on invisible energy waste in the hospitality industry and provides businesses with tips and tools to help them cut energy usage in the context of soaring energy prices and sustainability demands.

As the need to improve sustainability credentials intensifies, we know our customers are under increasing pressure to reduce waste. Not only food or commercial waste, but with rising energy prices, it’s more important than ever to address the invisible waste that we never see—the volume of energy consumed needlessly. 

To support you on this journey we’ve launched Invisible Waste—a brand new report that provides insight and expertise into how businesses in the sector can address energy-related challenges.

Our research shows that 92% of decision makers are concerned about rising energy costs while 86% still feel their business could be doing more to lower its environmental impact. As our new report Invisible Waste reveals, reducing energy waste sits at the heart of the solution.

The report uncovers why businesses can no longer overlook the impact that invisible waste is having on operations, digging into the industry’s concerns surrounding energy bills and the need to go green. What’s more, it identifies the sources of invisible waste, highlighting the industry’s tendency to leave equipment on needlessly overnight.

Through the expertise of Simon Heppner, Founder of Net Zero Now, Ben Lewis, Brand Manager at Sanremo UK, and BRITA UK’s Managing Director, David Hall, the report details the small, yet significant changes businesses can make today to see real difference.

Click here to ensure your equipment isn’t draining energy and to find out more about how to take the next steps to cut out invisible waste.

For more information contact BRITA UK and discover the ways it can support businesses on the journey toward better sustainable practices.

BRITA VIVREAU: 0345 674 9655

BRITA Professional: 01869 365 851

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