What type of water is best for tea?

New research by the UK Tea Academy shows the impact of water on the taste, aroma and appearance of tea - and finally provides a water specification for a consistently great cuppa

With water making up to 99% of a cup of tea, at BRITA we’ve always known it is a vital ingredient in allowing the true taste, aroma and appearance of tea to come alive

We’re thrilled to see the science behind water’s impact on tea in the UK Tea Academy's new white paper. This report highlights the properties of different types of water and reminds us that the numerous solubles dissolved in water make it much more than H20, as we are all familiar with. 

For hot beverage operators with locations across the country consistency is a key ingredient when it comes to customer satisfaction. A customer ordering a cup of tea in Reading should be offered a drink of the same quality and flavour to a customer ordering in Sheffield. Water has previously not been given the same consideration for tea as for coffee so it's exciting to see this new research. To discover the recommended water specification for tea and to download the full white paper visit the UK Tea Academy website.

Founder of the UK Tea Academy

Jane Pettigrew

Jane Pettigrew UK Tea Academy

Through this research and testing, we have managed to create a water specification with a range that works for all types of tea tested, meaning that making quality tea does not have to be hard work. This water can be achieved through various means. The UKTA uses BRITA filters to achieve these water standards in our training classes to ensure consistent quality.

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