The Pursuit of Optimum Kitchen Efficiency

In a booming industry its more important than ever for professional kitchens to operate efficiently

The hospitality sector is the UK’s fourth largest employer, having grown quicker than any other sector since the 2008 recession.

While the sector is booming, it’s still one of the most challenging times for businesses, with an ongoing skills shortage and growing pressure from discerning customers. To stand out from the crowd, catering businesses are implementing effective, innovative and creative ways to continually improve and develop.

Many would argue that the back of house operation is the backbone of all hospitality establishments and for a commercial business to succeed, it needs to be operating as efficiently as possible. This is where the phrase ‘a well-oiled machine’ springs to mind. BRITA Professional conducted research to identify the main challenges to productivity in kitchens today, and advice for businesses that are striving to ‘filter out’ previously inefficient practices.

It’s the golden age for eating out in Britain. Never before has such high-quality food and range of cuisines been widely available for consumers to choose from, yet this is putting pressure on catering staff  and their equipment to consistently produce excellent food, often in very short spaces of time and at competitive prices.

Being super-efficient and finding ways to save time and money in the kitchen is more pressing than ever. It may sound dramatic but a kitchen that doesn’t operate as effectively as possible can impact on all areas of the business and the sector as a whole.

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The Pursuit of optimum Kitchen Efficiency

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