PWF Clean Water Initiative in Jabi Tehnan

Project Waterfall completes a four-year clean water initiative with support from BRITA

The conclusion of the project in the Jabi Tehnan region of Ethiopia has provided a clean water supply to over 10,000 residents.

In 2018, Jabi Tehnan, a coffee growing district in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, saw only sixty-seven per cent of its population having access to clean water. With the support of the community, Project Waterfall undertook an ambitious four-year long project with support from BRITA, which on its conclusion has provided 10,571 people with access to clean drinking water.

Despite needing to overcome unexpected challenges such as Covid-19, the project has seen the rebuilding of the multi-village water system and the construction of a new additional system. The new and improved infrastructure, one of which now supplies an essential water source to a local school, has significantly improved the provision of water across the district.

Working closely with the community during the construction, Project Waterfall has ensured the system’s sustainability and longevity within the region. Water supply committees have also been established, alongside investment into training for government officials, to ensure climate resilience and government accountability can be upheld for many years to come.

Improving sanitation was also a key consideration of the project. Through the construction of two public toilet blocks, shower blocks and a water kiosk, 10,662 residents now have access to improved sanitation and hygiene. Inclusivity has driven much of the initiative, with a block designated to the 311 female students at a local high school. With a shower, resting area, hand-washing facilities, and a small garden, this has created a space where women and girls have more equal access to sanitation. This was further supported by the distribution of 1,470 packs of sanitary pads to 631 female students.

“We are extremely honoured to have played a part in Project Waterfall’s recent work in Jabi Tehnan, supporting their efforts as a partner. It’s brilliant to see the impact this is already having on the health and lifestyle of the local community,” comments David Hall, Managing Director, BRITA.

He adds: “Project Waterfall and the local community’s commitment to improving conditions are only made even more outstanding when you consider the challenges of recent years, and we look forward to following the community’s journey going forwards.”

Find out more about Project Waterfall here.

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