Serving great tea:

taking time to upskill your workforce

Did you know that nearly half (46%) of consumers don’t believe the quality of tea is any better in cafés than at home?

Research also suggests that some 52% of consumers say the taste of coffee would make them choose to visit one café over another, but they can’t say the same for tea. In fact, nearly three in 10 (29%) consumers go as far as to say they prefer the taste of tea when it’s made at home rather than served in a café1.

There is clearly space for tea to grow in the hot beverage sector and, right now, many consumers will be well acclimatized to making a brew in the comforts of their home due to the UK lockdown periods.

This presents a clear opportunity for cafés to improve their offering and attract the discerning tea drinker into their establishment.

With this in mind, it really pays to ensure your employees are well versed in the art of making a great cup of tea. When it comes to upskilling your staff, here are the top things to consider:

  • Some 30% of consumers seek specialist tea menus
  • For 41% of consumers, the main reason for purchasing tea outside the home is to enjoy a venue’s ambience
  • One in five tea drinkers want a point of difference when drinking tea outside of the home, with just under a quarter (18%) looking for a special way of serving tea from hot beverage operators – this includes:
  1. Tea served in a teapot (51%)
  2. Having the option to choose how long it is brewed for (29%)
  3. It is made with Fairtrade tea or tea with other certifications (e.g. Rainforest Alliance or Soil Association) (26%)
  4. It is made by someone knowledgeable about tea (25%)

For cafés looking to develop their tea menus and attract repeat custom, it’s not just the ambience and the choice of brews on offer, consumers are also looking for a greater emphasis on quality. In fact, one in five consumers want an establishment to use filtered water so there is no residue in the tea or on the mug and the full flavour and aroma comes through.

When it comes to serving an excellent cup time and time again, ensuring your staff have the knowledge to fix and effectively maintain hot beverage equipment is vital. Afterall, unfiltered water can contain impurities including chlorine, lead and limescale, all of which can affect the flavour and dull the appearance, making the drink less appealing – something consumers are all too aware of.

BRITA Managed Services offer tailored packages that can relieve the pressure by supporting operators with preventative maintenance on equipment. By offering advice, monitoring filter usage and carrying out essential filter exchanges, operators can rely on their equipment to have a longer life span and deliver a quality cup of tea, time and time again.

If you need any support from BRITA with helping you stay on top of your filter exchanges, our team is here to help.

Visit BRITA Managed Services to find out how your business could benefit from a bespoke service package tailored just for you.

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