VIVREAU Sodamaster 50

Cost-efficient all-rounder. For great tasting water in offices, hospitals and more.

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BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 side view

Variety on demand

Enjoy great tasting still, chilled still or chilled sparkling water.

BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 side view

For medium consumption demands

Perfect for medium consumption demands in corporate, healthcare and education settings.

BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 side view

Unique Thermal Germ Barrier

Fitted as standard to protect from retrograde contamination from external influences.

Why BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50?

BRITA Benefits economical solution

Economical solution

Eliminates the need to buy, transport and store bottled water.

BRITA Benefits individual selection

Individual selection

Water tailored to your needs: choose from various water types.

BRITA Benefits safe water supply

Safe water supply

The exclusive BRITA Hygiene Solution is ideal for highly sensitive areas.

BRITA Benefits your branding

Your branding

Water dispensers and bottles with your logo reflect well on your business.

BRITA Benefits eco-friendly-choice

Eco-friendly choice

Mains-fed dispensers are an ecological alternative to bottled water.

BRITA Benefits content employees

Content employees

Keeping employees hydrated is key to their well-being and performance.

BRITA Benefits good for patients

Good for patients

Freshly filtered water is key to good patient care.

BRITA Benefits attractive accessories

Attractive accessories

Create a complete customised solution with a wide variety of accessories.

BRITA Benefits great tasting water

Great tasting water

Cleaner, fresher tasting water tapped right from the source.

BRITA Benefits modern workplace

Modern workplace

Attractive design fits the interior of today's offices.

BRITA Benefits reliable partner

Reliable partner

Always there for you: service that fits your requirements.

BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 side view

Fast facts

  • Enjoy unchilled still, chilled still or chilled sparkling water
  • To your taste: individually adjust temperature and carbonisation level
  • Dispense easily via the button control panel
  • Unique Thermal Germ Barrier
  • Programmable portion control
  • Eco-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Exclusive 3 Zone Protection “BRITA Hygiene Solution” optional
BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 front view


Models: Counter top, floor standing, tap system
Cooling capacity: 158 W, 34 l / h
Maximum flow rate: 2l/min

See the data sheet for more details.

BRITA VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 side view

Safety & hygiene

The exclusive BRITA Hygiene Solution is a special hygienic concept, dedicated for highly sensitive areas such as hospitals. It consists of three key elements:

  • The entry filter (CLARITY Protect) eliminates potential bacteria (0.2 μm) from the mains water.
  • The 0.2 μm sterile filter retains bacteria before the water is dispensed.
  • The unique Thermal Germ Barrier protects from potential retrograde contamination due to external influences.

This special 3 Zone Protection provides the safety requirements especially needed in sensitive areas, as proven by numerous long-term studies of hygiene institutions.


VIVREAU Sodamaster 50 Data Sheet (PDF, 697.638 KB)
Thermal Germ Barrier Data Sheet (PDF, 1.241 MB)
Green Solutions Flyer (PDF, 3.085 MB)
BRITA water dispenser water glass on desk

Water for your business

Providing drinking water for employees is socially responsible and is key to performance.

Find out the benefits!

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