Accessorise the office, quench all types of thirst. With great tasting water from your clever tap.

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BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap

All from one

Enjoy great tasting chilled still and sparkling water, and hot water for tea – from one tap.

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap

Office kitchen enhancer

Stylish, space-saving tap graces the counter. All other parts hide away in base cabinet.

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap

Easy-to-use touch sensor

Start the perfect zero-splash water flow with a simple touch. Includes hot water safety feature.


BRITA Benefits modern workplace

Modern workplace

Attractive design fits the interior of today's offices.

BRITA Benefits individual selection

Individual selection

Water tailored to your needs: choose from various water types.

BRITA Benefits content employees

Content employees

Keeping employees hydrated is key to their well-being and performance.

BRITA Benefits your branding

Your branding

Water dispensers and bottles with your logo reflect well on your business.

BRITA Benefits eco-friendly-choice

Eco-friendly choice

Mains-fed dispensers are an ecological alternative to bottled water.

BRITA Benefits reliable partner

Reliable partner

Always there for you: service that fits your requirements.

BRITA Benefits attractive accessories

Attractive accessories

Create a complete customised solution with a wide variety of accessories.

BRITA Benefits economical solution

Economical solution

Eliminates the need to buy, transport and store bottled water.

BRITA Benefits great tasting water

Great tasting water

Cleaner, fresher tasting water tapped right from the source.

BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap

Fast facts

  • Advanced and clever modern design
  • Meets your needs: various dispense options to choose from
  • Cleverly dispenses chilled still and sparkling water, and hot water for tea
  • Smartly plumbed to flush waste with a fitting drip tray
  • Removable dispenser nozzle for improved hygiene
  • Perfect for the office kitchen, executive offices or conference rooms
BRITA dispenser VIVREAU ViTap detail

Dimensions & specifications

  • Models: ViTap 301, ViTap 302, ViTap 303, ViTap 304, ViTap 305
  • Dispensing height: 245 mm
  • Maximum flow rate: 2 l/min
  • Cooling capacity: 60 l/h

See the data sheets for more details.


VIVREAU ViTap Data Sheet (PDF, 1.669 MB)
Restaurants & Hotels Brochure (PDF, 7.859 MB)
Office & Industry Brochure (PDF, 8.644 MB)

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