Dougie Poynter reading his book The Whale Watchers

Join Dougie and The Whale Watchers on an unforgettable summer adventure!

This summer we’re proud to team up with Dougie Poynter and Whale and Dolphin Conservation to bring you The Whale Watchers

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Latest news from the BRITA water filter and dispenser world


The Extra C-Shape is our first fully customisable water dispenser, it has a sleek, premium design that can be tailored to your preference, with smart features like portion control, that make it quick and simple to use.

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Design your own water with BRITA. Get to know the story behind us: More than 50 years of our team´s passion flow into filtering your water. Find out, how it all began and why to choose BRITA – watch now:

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News and Stories

Behind the Scenes of Feel Good Filter TV Advert

Behind The Scenes of The Feel Good Filter

Learn about the making of our new TV ad, 'The Feel Good Filter' - helping Brits feel good, one small, sustainable step at a time.

Fluid Design Report

Fluid Design Report

A complete insights toolkit powered by research that reveals how design can transform the workplace with just a few small adjustments.

New BRITA sustainability research

BRITA Research Shows Brits Are Suffering With ‘Green Guilt’

Learn how our new 'Greening Good Guide' aims to tackle the sustainability challenge.

H20: Home To Office

An insight lead report on the office of the future

Top tips for businesses looking to make their office the best it can be in order to support their staff.

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BRITA Managed Services

Discover how we can help you prevent machine breakdowns and the costly repairs.