The Water Cooler Troubleshooting Guide

This article will discusses different types of water dispenser problems and when to know that it's time to upgrade to a BRITA water dispenser

Water coolers are great to utilise within industries such as offices, hospitability, healthcare, and more. Just like any other old appliance that we use every day, you may experience some common water cooler problems that'll you'll need some help and advice to fix.

In the water cooler troubleshooting guide, we will provide DIY solutions to repair problems across ordinary dispensers that may save you having to call out an engineer. Such as what to do when your model is not dispensing cold water or, maybe your water cooler is not dispensing water at all.

How to Fix Water Cooler Dispensing Problems

1. Your water cooler is not dispensing cold water

If your water cooler isn't working, it's most likely that the issue is with the power source. Firstly, ensure your dispenser is correctly plugged in at the wall and that the mains power is turned on. If you don't find the cause of the problem here, check your water supply next.

If your water cooler is connected to the mains, you'll need to make sure the mains tap is switched on. For personal safety, unplug your appliance and switch off the power. Then, it is safe to make sure any pipes and couplings are efficiently linking the cooler to the water supply. Whilst you're checking this, look for any leaking pipes.

2. Your water dispenser hot water is not working

If your water cooler is connected to power and all the switches are turned on but will not dispense hot water, then there may be an issue with the electrical wire that connects the appliance to the power source or another internal problem. Do not try and DIY fix this - It can be hazardous. Call your water dispenser manufacturer for help and advice. Here at BRITA, we offer a wide range of hot water dispensers with still and sparkling options for your business so that you can have a wide range of refreshing water types.

If you have a BRITA model, we offer dispenser servicing with a team of dedicated expert engineers and customer service advisors who are always on hand to help.

3. Your water cooler is not dispensing water at all

If your plumbed water cooler isn't dispensing any water, you'll need to follow all the steps mentioned above. We've put the steps into a simple checklist:

  • Check it is connected to a power source and that all switches are turned on.

  • Check your mains water supply is switched on.

  • Switch off your power source and unplug the socket, then check the pipes and couplings are connected correctly to both the dispenser and water supply. 

  • Check for any leaking pipes.

  • If you can't find the cause of the problem to fix, get in touch with your water cooler manufacturer for professional help.

How to Fix Water Cooler Leaks

Your water cooler leak could be coming from a few different areas. One of the most common and obvious places is the drip tray; ensure you regularly empty it to avoid water overflowing.

Another reason it could be leaking is poor installation. If your leak is coming from the tap, you may just need to tighten it up. Or, this could also be a sign that a washer or internal component needs replacing – when finding the source of the leak, contact a professional engineer for help.

If you have a BRITA water dispenser, our service package will always ensure your dispenser is in top condition and free of any leaks. Contact us to find out more, or if you have any questions regarding our products.

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It's Time to Upgrade Your Model

When common issues occur frequently, it may be time to upgrade your water cooler to a BRITA model. After all, we don't want to be spending time in the office fixing an appliance when we have important work to do.

At BRITA, we provide professional products ranging from mains-fed countertop and floorstanding water dispensers to hot and cold water coolers. Each model maximises safety while minimising risk. Explore our full range of water dispensers and treat your co-workers to a new and improved cooler. We help to change the way people drink water sustainably. 

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